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How to create the perfect eco hotel room (and why it matters)

Creating the perfect eco hotel room has benefits that will put your property ahead of the competition, cut costs and reduce your environmental impact. So what makes a hotel room effectively eco?

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Top 15 ways to get better HVAC energy efficiency in your Hotel

Efficient HVAC systems are essential for hotels as costs continue to rise and guest rooms in particular consume much of the property’s energy. HVAC consumes around 85 per cent of guest room energy on average so the most energy efficient HVAC systems will cut operating costs while pleasing guests. We...

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Your guests could hold the key to lower energy & water bills

Your hotel guests are a vital element in the success of any energy and water efficiency strategy. If you engage with them effectively then your costs should fall and they will feel a stronger sense of loyalty to your positive brand. What’s more, this is a highly cost-effective means of...

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Guide to OLEV grants for electric vehicle charging

What is the OLEV grant? This guide covers recent changes and explains how to claim for one or more EV charging points.

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What the Ofgem price cap saves you and why energy efficiency is crucial

The energy price cap just announced by the regulator Ofgem is welcome but highlights the need for national efforts to improve energy efficiency.

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Halogen bulb ban helps households save energy and cut carbon

The halogen bulb ban has come into force this month to help people save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Across Europe, the move will encourage households and businesses to choose energy-saving LEDs to replace halogen bulbs.

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Act now to avoid £50,000 fine for non-compliance on ESOS

The Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) is in Phase 2 with the threat of £50,000 fines for non-compliance so it’s time to act now.

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Urgent need to reduce water use even as the heatwave ends

As the long heatwave ends, the focus is on ways for homes and businesses to reduce water use and avoid future shortages.

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Choosing the healthiest lighting for schools

Why LED is a better solution than fluorescent lighting for children and staff Fluorescent lighting in schools is more than just an irritation for many...


How we work with schools to meet strict procurement regulations

How we work with schools to meet strict procurement regulations is a frequent question when talking to new education customers. Procurement success – St Bede’s...



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