Eco Taps: Automatic Sensor Taps

Electronic Sensor Taps and Mixers reduce waste water and improve hygiene with the latest infrared sensor technology

Touch Free Sensor Taps - Perfect for your sustainable and hygienic commercial washroom

Sensor Taps are an elegant way to ensure hands-free operation that not only cuts water use (saving you money) but is also more hygienic.

An infrared sensor detects when you put your hands close to the tap and triggers a valve to start the water flow that shuts off when you remove your hands.

Sensor tap models are powered by either battery or mains power supply.


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Sensor Taps & Hygiene

Choosing the best sensor tap is an important decision when searching for a hygienic tap solution. Touch-free sensor taps will help reduce the spread of bacteria within your workplace, helping to keep your staff and visitors healthy.

Some of our sensor taps feature an automatic rinse, where the tap is ran for 10 seconds every 24 hours to ensure there’s no risk of legionella or other water-based bacteria.

Energy & Water Saving Sensor Taps

Our range of water saving sensor taps will help you reduce your water usage thanks to the reduced flow rate and that the risk of them being left on is removed.

We have a range of battery powered sensor taps as well as mains powered, both of which use a minimal amount of energy thus helping you reduce your energy usage.

An extra benefit of our sensor taps is that the reduced water usage will result in less energy being used to heat the water.

Touch Free Operation

Infrared sensor taps detect when a hand is placed under the tap and will automatically activate the temperature-controlled water.

The automatic sensor tap will then turn off once the hands have been removed from the basin.

Temperature Control

Sensor taps that allow temperature control will help prevent the risk of washroom users being scolded by hot water.

You can pre-set a comfortable temperature and remove the risk of users changing the temperature to an undesirable temperature for the next user.

This control will enable you to manage your energy usage in a more efficient manner as the less water being heated results in less energy being used.



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