Dramatically effective clean heating.

With the suite of modern, efficient and affordable heating technology now available to businesses, even the most efficient gas boiler systems can be considered obsolete.

Heat pumps are four times more efficient than gas generation. They capture and compress the ambient heat from outdoors, converting it into useful warmth that flows through your radiators. They operate at a startling 300% efficiency.

Heat pumps come in two flavours, ground-source and air-source. They both offer outstanding efficiency and suit different business circumstances.

Far-infrared heaters are an alternative electrical heating solution, plugging into your mains and generating warmth at a 100% rated efficiency. Combined with smart controls, these electric heaters will slice through your heating bill.

The right heating option for your business case

Invest in your future with a comprehensive retrofit

Ground-source and air-source heat pumps have a seemingly expensive up-front cost. The fact is that they pay for themselves within a couple of years with their substantial energy savings. With SaveMoneyCutCarbon, you can spread the cost and pay with your savings.

Make tactical heating upgrades

If you don’t feel ready for a full transition from gas, make a start with infrared heaters, or even an air-source heat pump. Brands like Waitrose have begun to roll out heat pumps, and far-infrared heaters are an increasingly popular option for warehouse heating.

Take action with behaviour

Much of your heating efficiency is determined by usage. By installing smart controls, you will make an immediate impact on your bills at a small up-front cost. Invest in employee sustainability education to go to the next level. Ask about Ecowise when you get in touch.

Save Money

Reduce costs by up to 50%

Heat pumps operate at outstanding 300% efficiency. How can that be possible?

Heat pumps capture ambient heat and amplify it. The energy used by the electric pump to compress the heat is equivalent to a third of the heat energy received into the system.

Modern gas boilers have up to 90% efficiency. Impressive – until you try heat-pumps.

Cut Carbon

End your fossil fuel reliance

When you switch to heat-pumps or infrared heat sourcing, you remove your reliance on gas boilers. It’s all electric.

In the short term that means you become as clean as the national grid – which is over 50% low-carbon sources. That’s only going in one direction, with a 100% low-carbon target by 2035.

Add Solar to your business repertoire and power-up your renewable transition.

Heat Pumps: The facts

Heat pumps are not new technology. We can guarantee that you already have some installed – they’re in your fridge freezers, working in the opposite direction. In reversing the flow, and driving spectacular efficiency, we have advanced to the present-day tech.

Heat pumps extract thermal energy in the outside air or ground by moving and compressing the heat using a series of coils. They’re both efficient, and the choice is business specific.

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Ground-source heat-pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) tap into the generally stable temperature of an area of ground or body of water near a business property.

Pipes are installed in a borehole, trench or surface water in a precise pattern known as the ground loop. The pipes contain heat transfer fluid in a closed loop, which flows repeatedly through a heat pump, compressor, and expansion valve to provide uniform heat all year round.

  • Perfect if your business property has a large land area
  • Suited to most climates, less effective in very cold areas
  • Option to provide active cooling with a reversible heat pump
  • Provides best-in-class efficiency
  • More expensive up-front install

Air-source heat-pumps

Versatile clean-energy generation, perfect for space-limited businesses. The sun warms the air around buildings, creating a temperature difference, even in the coldest areas of the country.

One or more AHSPs are installed outside the premises and the system draws air across refrigerant coils, warming the refrigerant fluid. This energy is compressed in the heat pump, sand then used for heating and hot water.

  • Suitable for almost all use-cases, requiring little land area
  • Lower installation costs
  • Easy to install, no drilling or digging
  • Multiple units will be required for larger buildings
  • Low maintenance costs

Powered by your local star

When you combine heat pumps with solar panels, fluctuating wholesale gas and electric prices become a concern only for other businesses.

Upgrading your buildings or land with the latest solar technology accelerates your journey towards energy independence and net zero.

Our team of solar experts are ready to offer you a free desktop assessment. We’ll let you know how viable your business case is for solar, and what sort of ROI you can look forward to. Just drop us a line.

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Our heating offering in a nutshell

  • Ground-source heat-pumps
  • Air-source heat-pumps
  • Far-infrared heaters
  • Smart controls
  • Desktop Assessment
  • Full System Design and Specification
  • Grant and Funding Advice
  • DNO Applications and Approval
  • Finance Solutions
  • Installation Construction
  • After Care and Remote Monitoring

Over 1,000 projects and counting

co2 24,195,186 tonnes saved

litres 771,626,445 litres saved

efficency 31,953,973 kWh saved



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