One of our company values is “doing well by doing good”.
We help educate people to preserve the earth’s resources, promoting a sustainable way of living, while also saving money. Our foundation is committed to this goal and strives to make a difference in local communities.

Each year, our completed projects and products sold online achieve:

Water savings of over:



Energy savings of over:



Carbon savings of over:



The Foundation distributes its money into three areas

Our Supporters

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon Foundation is extremely privileged to have so many supporters who are dedicated to our causes. We have all seen the impact of plastic in our oceans and water wastage should now become a social conscience, so lets all together get involved by looking after the worlds resources and become more energy efficient. Lets pass onto the next generation a better planet that we inherited.

All our staff, customers, suppliers and partners continue to donate and fundraise which makes it possible for the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Foundation to distribute the money to deserving causes.

If you would like to be a supporter of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Foundation, please call us on 0333 123 5464.


SaveMoneyCutCarbon are proud to sponsor Bury St Edmunds Rugby Club.

The club boasts an impressive youth and mini section as it also aims to provide rugby for all ages, genders and abilities. The club encourages sport for all, so no matter who you are if you want to give rugby a go, you’ll be welcomed into the club.

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