Triton are masters within the electric showering field, their electric shower range challenges the traditional view that electric showers are simply those “white boxes on the wall.”

All Triton showers are manufactured in the UK, rated A for energy efficiency and come with a 2-year guarantee.

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Why Triton?

Triton have been manufacturing showering products since 1975, and to this day still manufacture all of their products in the UK, they are also members of the “Made in Britain” scheme.

Known as the leading light in electric water heating innovations, Triton challenges the traditional view that electric showers are simply those “white boxes on the wall.” Their electric shower range fits the bill whatever your style or budget.

Save with Triton

Making the switch from a non-eco mixer shower to an electric shower will really help you save on your energy and water bills. Triton showers run at a maximum of 6 litres per minute, compared to an average of 12 for a non-eco shower, this could mean an average yearly saving of £200 on your water bill.

As electric showers heat water on demand from the cold-water feed, your boiler doesn’t need to kick in each time someone gets in the shower, this means an average yearly saving of over £400 on your energy bill as well as no wasted hot water being kept in your shower pipes.


In 2012 Triton achieved the Carbon Trust Standard and in 2022 they were awarded Carbon Neutral certification, with plans to achieve carbon net zero alignment by 2027.

Since 2020 Triton have been using sustainable packaging. Including sustainable shrink wrap, which reduced their plastic consumption by 3.5 tonnes in one year. Their box packaging is made from 99.9% recycled materials and all polystyrene has been replaced with recycled cardboard.

Since 2019 Triton have ditched ¾ of a tonne of plastic, and all Tritons cover bags are made from 100% recycled plastic, with further plastic reduction plans to save another 4.4 tonnes of plastic going to waste, the equivalent of 12.5 tonnes of carbon!

Built to last, Triton products have a product fault rate well below 1%. If they do need replacing, 100% of parts returned to Triton will be reused or recycled.

It doesn’t stop there…throughout Triton’s factory they have energy, carbon and waste reducing practises in place, from an all-electric fork truck fleet, recycled pallets, all the way to LED lighting and recycled paper towels.

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