New LED Technology To Kill Viruses for Aviation Industry

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16 Jul, 2021

Partnership targets UK aviation industry with antimicrobial LED technology

PressPress Coverage
15 Jul, 2021

Gentle bulb second! Company launches tech that is helping stay HMOs Covid unfastened

PressPress Coverage
14 Jul, 2021

Light technology to kill viruses for property management

PressPress Coverage
14 Jul, 2021

SaveMoneyCutCarbon and Vyv introduce antimicrobial LED technology

PressPress Coverage
14 Jul, 2021

Mark Sait, CEO of SaveMoneyCutCarbon, talks on Radio 4 about ‘green’ energy deals

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6 Jul, 2021

New light technology to kill* viruses for property management companies

PressPress Coverage
1 Jul, 2021

Light bulb moment! Firm launches tech that helps keep HMOs Covid free

PressPress Coverage
29 Jun, 2021

SaveMoneyCutCarbon brings groundbreaking light technology that inactivates and kills viruses to the UK

Press Releases
4 Jun, 2021

SaveMoneyCutCarbon Energy & Water Survey 2021: Brits Are Undeterred From Flying Abroad to Reduce Carbon Footprint

PressPress Releases
28 May, 2021

Can Mixing Big Banking, With Entrepreneurial Agility, Be A Route To A Low Carbon Future?

PressPress Coverage
11 May, 2021

I let an eco warrior loose in my home… and he slashed £700 off my energy bills – including £432 from light bulbs

PressPress Coverage
14 Feb, 2021



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