Why are we here, what do we do & how do we help?

It’s simple: our promise is in our name. SaveMoneyCutCarbon makes it easy for people to save money – and the planet.

  • We know that people are worried about the planet but don’t always know where to start or what to do.
  • We know that people think it will cost them more to be green.
  • We know you’re busy, that your time is precious & that many see being green as a hassle.
  • We know that everyone, from homes and small businesses through to the largest of organisations, has the same challenges.

We make it easy

It’s simple

We help businesses and now homeowners take practical steps to be more sustainable, cutting energy & water bills, resulting in reduced carbon emissions.

From the boardroom to every room in your home, we provide everything you need, in one place – saving you time and money.
However you choose to work with us we make it easy, helping you measure and see the impact the products you choose are having.

We provide everything you need, in one place

SaveMoneyCutCarbon has three online shopfronts which exist to make it easy for everyone to save money – and the planet.

Home Shop & Home Club

When you’re thinking about how you personally can do your bit and make small, easy swaps that will have a big impact, you’ll want to head to our Home Shop. We’ve handpicked hundreds of everyday eco products; from compostable bin bags, eco-toilet rolls, hotel style eco showerheads and LED Lighting, through to electric scooters.

It doesn’t talk jargon, if you know what you want, we make it easy to browse, find and buy. You can even spread the cost if you are just starting out, we can help you step by step.

And of course, if you’re interested in unbeatable pricing – guaranteed, Home Club will be your go-to.

Trade & Small Business Shop

If you’re in the trade or running an SME, our shops brings together everything you need – proven products, trusted brands, and best value and advice.

Once you’ve added quick ship from our UK warehouse on quality products that last, all from leading manufacturers at amazing pricing, you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover us sooner.

Our trade and small business club offers you even better exclusive pricing – it’s as if you were allowed to buy directly from leading manufacturers.

The figures speak for themselves.

“Last year SaveMoneyCutCarbon saved a collective 727 million litres of water and 27 million kilowatts of energy for its customers. As a result of this work, a carbon reduction equivalent to travelling 23,240,000 miles in an average petrol car.”

Decarbonisation & Retrofit Solutions

Our multi-awardwining Decarbonisation & Retrofit team helps larger organisations with their carbon reduction and ESG agendas.

We deliver measured savings across energy, water & carbon. From developing your carbon roadmap, auditing your buildings, creating robust investment grade proposals, green financing through to final fit.

Pick & mix our services and solutions to support your buildings and your staff

Our Culture

When people write about organisational culture, they often write about it in ambiguous terms that they believe the reader will consider impressive – but building the right, genuine ethos and culture is really tough so at SaveMoneyCutCarbon we don’t have time for too much oratory. We’re busy – we’ve got a planet to save.

We don’t just want to be known for talking green talk, we want to walk the green walk!

Our Ethos – We’re building something

We are building something new and that is not easy. Many have questioned or doubted us, we haven’t always got it right, but throughout we believe in what we are building and the need for someone to take a pragmatic approach to helping our world. We believe that we can all save money – and the planet – and that combining the two is the way to get people to want to do their bit. We believe that there’s still time to turn this ship around.

We believe that we can achieve great things, together: lots of small, easy swaps and changes can have a huge impact – in fact, we believe in this so strongly, that we’ve invested heavily in creating the tech to help everyone document their Planet Positive contributions.

You treasure what you measure!

It’s our People that make the biggest difference

From our CEO and founders to everyone who works here, we all have a part to play every day and as part of this everyone who works at our business also owns a part of business.

Is our ethos and culture working? We think so. We have grown rapidly, have thousands of independent 5-star reviews, attract and retain amazing people, have more and more leading manufacturers who want to be on our platform and customers come back time after time.

We believe this is just the beginning

It’s about being part of a Planet Positive team

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon team is a group of people like no other. We all understand the scale of the challenge at hand. We have a sense of urgency.

We get things done. We do not accept average. When new products come in for testing there’s a never-ending queue of people ready to try things out and give feedback.

Our benefits are strong; from flexible working to share ownership. We pay particular attention to attracting and welcoming new team members – we want our new starters to do well, to feel supported and encouraged through to retaining, rewarding & developing our present team.

Doing well by doing good

In the Media

We work hard and continue to build our business, so when this is recognised, it feels good.

We have been featured in numerous mainstream media across TV, radio, online & print.

We have also had the honour of being recognised and awarded for our customer service, growth potential and work within the NHS.


Customer Wows

Customer Wows are so important within SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

We want everyone who shops with us to have a wow experience. We want to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re our biggest project or buying an eco tap online, we want to make it smooth sailing from start to finish. We’re particularly proud that many of our 5,000 five star reviews aren’t just for our products – they’re often for our customer service and warehouse team too.

It’s what drives us every day

Our ability to measure our impact is what makes us different

From the boardroom to every room in your home – see the positive impact your purchases make across energy, water, carbon & plastic reduction.

Our technology allows you to do just that. We call it Impact Statements, every product and solution we sell is tested, verified and uploaded with its impact on energy, water, carbon and plastic reduction – from a single eco loo roll to an LED light whether you are buying one for your home, or thousands for your workplace, we can track it.

Last year SaveMoneyCutCarbon saved a collective 727 million litres of water and 27 million kilowatts of energy for its customers and, as result of this work, a carbon reduction equivalent to travelling 23,240,000 miles in an average petrol car.

Because we treasure what we measure

Our Ambition

We have built a multi-million pound business from an idea. Saved our customers millions of pounds on their energy & water bills and helped everyone reduce their carbon. But for us this is only the start, there is so much more to do here at SaveMoneyCutCarbon and for the world we all live in.

So, join our journey

You might be looking for a fulfilling new role: help us develop our new Club offering, help us improve our online experience, become one of carbon mentors & auditors, project manage retro fit projects with our decarbonisation team or even join our management team.

Maybe you can bring new skills & insight? Maybe you have a great product or solution? Do you have a carbon busting idea we can help you develop within our business? Or perhaps see our potential and want to invest to see us grow even faster?

Make a Difference



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