Tap Aerators and Flow Restrictors: Tap Aerators

An eco Tap Aerator fits in minutes and starts reducing bills immediately

Fitting a Tap Aerator could reduce the flow of water from your tap by as much as 50% with no perceivable loss of pressure or washing ability.

Tap Aerators not only reduce water consumption, but by using less hot water you reduce the amount of energy required to heat that water, resulting in further energy savings.

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Quality Tap Aerators with Quick Payback!

At SaveMoneyCutCarbon, we stock a wide range of tap aerators in various different fitting types, sizes and flow rates. Some models feature Smart Lime Cleaning (SLC) technology, which allows the quick removal of any limescale build up with a quick rub over the silicon head.

By fitting a tap aerator, you can expect to see savings immediately on your water bill and typically payback is within a matter of weeks.

Tap aerators can be retro fitted in minutes to most taps. If you’re unsure whether a tap aerator will fit your tap, click this button:

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How Does a Tap Aerator Work?

Also known as flow regulators, tap aerators are small attachments that either fit onto the end of a tap or insert into the existing spout. Tap aerators work by mixing air into the water to restrict the amount of water passing through the tap. The aerator behaves like a fine sieve, separating a single stream of water into many tiny streams surrounded by air. The reduced space for the water to pass through, as well as the introduction of air, results in no perceivable loss in water pressure and up to half the water usage! This increased water efficiency can have a real impact on your annual water usage and a beneficial effect on water bills, especially if aerators are fitted to multiple taps. The only downside is that filling a basin will take longer, though this is a minor price to pay for considerably reduced water usage and bills.

It’s estimated that aerators can save you up to 1,274 litres of water a month and this in turn means less energy is used for heating it, thus gas or oil bills are also reduced.

A Video Guide to Tap Aerators

A beginner's guide to tap aerators. See what they do, how they save water and money, plus how to fit one.

How do You Fit a Tap Aerator?

Guide to fitting a tap aerator (preview)

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