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Energy efficient Eco Hand Dryers that reduce energy costs and cut waste

From cost effective Hand Dryers with a quick ROI to premium brands - the choice is yours

Reduce your washroom costs and cut waste with our quality Eco Hand Dryers that are both long-lasting and power efficient.

Replacing your expensive paper towels with an Eco Hand Dryer can reduce annual costs by up to 97% and improve hygiene.

Quality hand dryers mean you cut out the need to restock and dispose of paper towels, reducing maintenance charges.


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Quality eco hand dryers are a wise investment for any cost conscious organisation, minimising maintenance and waste associated with paper towel dryers.

Be aware though, not all hand dryers are the same – some conventional hand dryers consume more electricity as they are slow and they also have a much shorter life-span.

Research shows that effective hand-drying methods are essential to maintain good hygiene levels – damp hands can harbour bacteria and spread up to a 1,000 times more germs on surfaces they come into contact with.

Quality eco hand dryers also make a big contribution to sustainable positive environmental impact.

Replace Paper Towels

Paper towel dryers are an expensive washroom solution – thousands of £s spent annually in purchase, cleaning, maintenance and disposal.

Remember too that waste paper towels can rarely be recycled, so they go to landfill or are incinerated. Less paper waste is also great for the environment, cutting CO2 emissions by up to 79%.

Hygiene is also a problem when paper towel dispensers run out and there is no effective way to dry hands.



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