Introducing EcoWise

Supporting carbon literacy & practical changes amongst staff is an important part of any ESG agenda.
Our employee education service, EcoWise, engages your staff in a fun, accessible, and rewarding way.

This 12-month programme provides easy-to-ready articles designed to improve your staff’s sustainability knowledge. Employees can earn rewards to purchase 1,000s of eco-friendly, energy & money-saving products.

  • Encourages behaviour change
  • Measures improvement in carbon literacy over time
  • Rewards employees for participation
  • Access to Employer Dashboard to track engagement

Step 1: Learn

Learn by reading short articles about a range of sustainability topics designed to enhance knowledge and teach easy ways that employees can live and work more sustainably. New articles released each week!

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Step 2: Earn

Employees can earn Planet Points each time they complete a short quiz on their new knowledge. These points can be used to purchase 1,000s of eco-friendly & energy-saving products from the SaveMoneyCutCarbon app or online shop.

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Engagement Tracking

Your employees will be emailed a short questionnaire to assess their carbon literacy at the start and end of the 12-month EcoWise programme to track improvement over time. Using our easy-to-use, Employer Dashboard you can:

  • Track the number of employees who have registered and those actively using EcoWise
  • Track how many employees completed the initial and final questionnaire
  • Track which articles are most popular and where further support may be needed
  • Track and manage Planet Points

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