Controlled Ventilation: Unlock your business’s next level of energy saving

Demand controlled extraction systems can be used in all existing and new kitchens, as well hotels, care homes, commercial restaurants, and company facilities.

It’s a tremendous way to save money quickly. Typically, you will see energy savings of up to 80%, with return on investment in less than 2 years.

The patented Cheetah system applies the principle of “pump affinity laws” to reduce fan operating speeds by 60% when activity levels are low, reducing energy consumption to just 6% of a fan running at 100% normal capacity.

How it Works

Benefits of Cheetah ventilation control system

Reduce maintenance costs

Air flow meters in the extract ducts monitor system health to pre-empt any issues.

Reduce call-out costs with remote access

Key system KPIs such as fan speeds, temperature and airflows can be monitored through the data logger so faults can be identified and usually fixed remotely.

Energy monitoring

The energy monitoring unit can track usage in up to eight kitchen locations.

Fire safety

The system immediately alerts managers if the temperature in the ducts is too high.

Dual control

Cheetah controls both the extract and supply fans for optimum energy savings.

Energy savings

Saves energy on heated air (40% to 50%) and electricity (60% to 70%).

Save Money

Reduce your energy bills by 80%

These unique ventilation systems apply the principle of “pump affinity laws” to reduce fan speeds to 40% of normal operating speed when activity levels are low, cutting energy consumption to just 6% of a fan running at 100% normal capacity.

Typically, you will see energy savings of up to 80%, with return on investment in less than 2 years.

Cut Carbon

Hundreds of tonnes of carbon off your footprint

Installations at world-leading brands like Radisson, Harrods and Claridge’s as well as in the NHS and education have delivered annual reductions of hundreds of tonnes of CO2 (from lower energy consumption). The reductions help to meet business climate goals and boost ESG status.

More Details

Key features

The Cheetah kitchen extraction system consists of a number of intelligent modules interconnected by a data communications network.

  • Display processor with system power supply and override facility
  • Sensor processor
  • Data logger with GPRS remote access system
  • Temperature sensors
  • Optic sensors – smoke and steam
  • Air flow meters (optional)
  • Carbon dioxide sensors (optional)

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Proof that the Cheetah demand controlled ventilation system from Quintex delivers massive energy savings is easy to find – just ask some top globally recognised brands.

From Carlson Rezidor and Center Parcs to Harrods, Claridge’s, and Wetherspoon as well as the NHS and top universities, the results of installing the Cheetah energy management technology have been very impressive.


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