Why Water is Important

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is on a mission to transform the way in which businesses and organisations use water. Water is increasingly becoming a precious commodity and there is growing awareness of the carbon footprint related to the treatment and supply of water.

The Environment Agency has warned that in 25 years England will not have enough water to meet demand. With demand set to outstrip supply, legislative and financial pressure will require businesses to use water more efficiently.


How Sustainable Washrooms can help organisations

SaveMoneyCutCarbon Sustainable Washroom is here to help organisations make their washrooms more efficient and environmentally friendly.

We upgrade washrooms with the best sustainable products, delivering savings and improving the customer experience.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is also leading the way in terms of providing smart and hygienic washroom solutions, utilising the latest innovative internet–enabled technology to give owners more insight and control into washroom performance, as well as ensuring the best possible experience for the end user.


What we do

Our UK–wide team is here to help with all aspects of sustainable washroom improvements.

Audits – an audit of your washroom to assess the current water and carbon consumption of your assets and equipment. A technical proposal is produced recommending upgrades to achieve reductions.

Measurement and feasibility – we help organisations with producing business cases to deliver change. Monitoring can be installed on washroom equipment to assess consumption over a period to support the implementation of new technologies and solutions. Pilot schemes can be jointly constructed to ensure new technology is introduced making the maximum impact to stakeholders.

Projects – commercial installation projects by either retrofit or refurbishment. We provide a turnkey project solution managing all aspects from audit to commissioning. Our projects are always premised on reducing energy, water and carbon consumption.

Maintenance – we maintain washrooms across the UK through our team of regional maintenance engineers. We offer maintenance agreements tailored to client’s specific needs, typically covering aspects such as:

  • Tap maintenance
  • Waterless urinal maintenance
  • Toilet maintenance
  • Propelair toilet maintenance
  • Hand dryers
  • Legionella testing and compliance

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