Why Propelair?

Propelair is a unique eco toilet which can reduce your water use by 84% on average, germs by 95%, and have payback periods as little as 1-3 years.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is the leading Propelair eco-friendly toilet experts and the Principal Propelair sales channel partner.

We have extensive experience in fitting Propelair into busy and challenging commercial washrooms. To date, we have installed over 1,000 eco-friendly toilets and are responsible for the maintenance of Propelair at 25 business sites. Helping save over 17 million litres of water per month.

Propelair Learn & Save

Take a minute and read up about how Propelair can help your business. For even more information, contact one of our Propelair Specialists below.

Traditional toilets are costing your business money

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