Learn more about Toilets and Urinals

Flushing is often responsible for up to 90% of water consumption in commercial environments.

And it’s the case that standard toilet cistern capacity is not a very accurate guide to usage with double flushing, leakages and “filling while flushing” all adding to the wasted litres used.

Using grey water to flush your toilets is the ultimate sustainable solution for new buildings. But what about a retrofit solution for the millions of toilets and urinals which are currently using millions of litres of water every day and form a large part of water bills?

SaveMoneyCutCarbon are the go-to people for homes and organisations that want to reduce their energy and water bills. Our UK wide teams are continuously seeking out new products and solutions, testing them in our wide range of installations from hotels to schools, and then sharing our knowledge and products with you.

We offer proven products that can be retrofitted to your toilets and urinals delivering a huge saving in water and a major reduction on your water bills.

For every 1000m3 of water saved 1.15 tonnes of CO2 is avoided

From a simple low cost displacement bag through to the latest technology in eco toilets flushing with only 1 litre of water and completely waterless urinals – we can help

As with all our solutions and products, we can provide you the complete end to end solution, we can help you understand the business case for installation with full survey and savings forecasts to show the rapid return on investment and continued savings year-on-year, or simply provide you with supply only option and the advice and guidance you need to install yourself. Either way you save water and reduce your water bills.



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