Run your business on green energy

Solar PV Helps businesses reduce electricity demand from the Grid, saves money, reduces carbon emissions and provides a visible statement of your commitment to fighting climate change.

Every year the sun produces 8,000 times more energy than we consume globally, ready to be used as free energy to use whenever we need it, why not make the most of this green energy supply?

There’s solar… and there’s solar.

Our focused solar team is made of experts, not salesmen. We offer only the best products available to deliver clean energy and save you money over time.

Maximum energy generation

We only offer the best panels. We make a point of it. With optimised invertor technology, you’ll cut downtime and get the best energy generation on the market.

A friendly, personal service

From specification to installation, our expert solar team is straightforward and efficient.

Clear performance monitoring

With free performance tracking included, you can monitor your panels in real-time, and quickly identify any inefficiencies in your system.

Peace of mind

Excellent warranties

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  • 12 Years Panel Product Warranty
  • 10 Years Mounting Kit Warranty
  • 25 Years Panel Performance Guarantee
  • 1 Years Meter Warranty
  • 12 Years Inverter Warranty (option to extend)
  • 2 Years Workmanship Warranty
  • 25 Years Optimisers Warranty

Save Money

Reduce your energy bills by 80%

By generating your own electricity, you’ll reduce your dependence from the national grid, where you’ll see reductions in your electricity bill almost instantly, the more power your building generates, the less electricity you will pay for.

With payback as little as 2-4 years, investing in commercial solar panels is worthwhile. With energy bills set to double in the next ten years, you can see how installing solar panels is a no-brainer, saving your business from increased electricity bills and protection from other supply risks.

Cut Carbon

Save 318 tonnes CO2 over 25 years

That’s equivalent to 790,071 car miles! Accelerate your journey to net-zero when you install high quality, dependable solar panels. You’ll reduce your scope 1 & 2 emissions, making sure you hit regulatory requirements – and save the planet at the same time.

Best in class technology

Using SolarEdge cutting-edge technology, including highly efficient solar panels, advanced inverters, and optimisers, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of commercial operations.

These advanced inverters allow you to monitor your energy production in real-time and make adjustments to optimise your system’s performance.

The solar panels are engineered to deliver more power per square foot, ensuring that your investment goes further.

Our optimisers work to maximise the output of each individual panel, ensuring that even on cloudy days, you’ll be generating as much energy as possible.

We design, supply, fit and maintain

SaveMoneyCutCarbon can provide complete project management services when it comes to your Solar PV design, including required energy surveys and audits, specification of the correct products, installation, monitoring and measurement capabilities.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon has our own dedicated team of experts with extensive experience in the solar PV/energy storage market nationwide. Our commercial experience is spread over varied client profiles such as petrol stations, distribution centres, hospitals, care homes, and retail parks.

The first step is a no-obligation call to discuss your requirements.

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Free initial desktop assessment

Not sure where to start? Following a call to establish your requirements, the free initial desktop assessment will highlight potential system size, generation, and indicative costs.

We’ll then prepare a proposal with energy savings and ROI so you can make an informed financial decision on whether or not to proceed with an intrusive survey.
Following the survey, we will prepare an investment-grade proposal.

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Our end-to-end Solar PV service

  • Desktop Assessment
  • Full System Design and Specification
  • Grant and Funding Advice
  • DNO Applications and Approval
  • Finance Solutions
  • Installation Construction
  • Testing Commissioning and Connection
  • Back Office Support and Set Up
  • After Care and Remote Monitoring

Over 1,000 projects and counting

co2 24,195,186 tonnes saved

litres 771,626,445 litres saved

efficency 31,953,973 kWh saved

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