Electric Vehicles & EV Charging

EV is one of the fastest-growing spaces in the decarbonisation world

Whether you’re looking to go electric across your fleet; need to know about the many combinations of chargers available, need to buy quality chargers for your workplace, want to understand the grants and financials of EV or maybe you’re just looking for an EV cable to plug-in on the road – our EV specialist is here to help.

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LED Lighting

We have completed hundreds of complex LED retrofit projects

The devil is always in the detail. Speak to our LED specialist who can answer your questions from which LED you should be using in certain spaces, how to calculate savings, carbon reduction and paybacks, potential pitfalls and opportunities with dimming and controls through to our funding options. We have direct partnerships with some of the largest LED manufacturers so with our combined knowledge we can help answer the most complex questions.

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Specialist & Niche LED Lighting

Within our range of LED are a number of niche products like Soraa

Soraa uses a unique gallium nitrate LED chipset that gives superior light quality and renders for high-end residential, galleries and museums.

Also looked after by our specialist LED light team is Vyv, a unique LED antimicrobial lighting product that kills bugs and viruses while lighting your workplace

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Heat Pumps

Low carbon and renewable heating technologies are essential to meet the UK’s legally binding climate change commitments

Heating and powering business spaces using renewable energy makes sound commercial sense in the face of soaring energy costs. Our Heat Pump specialists can help you with ground, water and air source solutions helping you to harness the natural energy in the land around your business.

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Local green energy

Local green energy generations make commercial business sense for many businesses of all sizes. Our Solar specialist team can support you in all your questions around solar. We provide advice on what applications you need to apply for to connect to the grid, what grants are available, how to use your solar-generated most effectively around your business, design, supply, and installations.

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Smart Washrooms

A particular water consumption focal point in buildings is their washrooms

Our smart washroom team focuses specifically on products and solutions that can reduce your water bills and the energy used in these spaces. From ultra-low toilets that flush with as little 1.5 litres of water through to eco controls for existing toilets, urinals, taps, and showers through to eco hand driers, this team has the answers and solutions.

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Commercial Kitchen Demand Controlled Ventilation

Commercial Kitchen Demand Controlled Ventilation

Extracting waste heat, odours, fumes and combustion products in commercial catering demands high energy usage.
Sustainability in commercial kitchens depends on taking better control of this.

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Pumps & Invertors

Pumps & Invertors

There is great potential to save energy and costs. Nearly 70 percent of all electrical energy consumed by industry, for example, is used by the millions of electrical motors installed worldwide.

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HVAC Smart Controls

HVAC Smart Controls

Heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) use a huge amount of energy, in offices and retail spaces and even more so in 24/7 operations like a hotels & hospitals.

The GEM link solution takes only 60 mins to retro fit to most existing HVAC systems, controlling the unit linked to actual activity in the room at that point. Typically saving 30% on energy with fast paybacks.

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Lighting Controls

Lutron innovative solutions for intelligent automation and lighting controls

Lutron controls offer substantial energy savings while creating the best working environments by optimising energy efficiency, building efficiency, staff comfort and productivity
Easily installed by qualified electricians or keen DIYs, this robust and cool technology really is the right choice for anyone who wants to fit and forget.

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