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Why choose SaveMoneyCutCarbon?

At SaveMoneyCutCarbon, we make it easy to find the very best products for your needs, that will last the years to come. Our quality LED floodlights feature:

  • High quality LED chips and drivers
  • Robust designs, weatherproofing and IP ratings
  • Sensors with either motion activation, or daytime and night-time activation

Our products will help you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint with proven products from trusted brands, and you’ll receive the best value with our expert advice, giving you peace of mind.

Reduce your energy & maintenance costs

A good quality LED floodlight can reduce your energy consumption between 60% and 90% compared to traditional lighting. In addition, a quality LED floodlight will last you 50,000 hours or longer, dramatically reducing the costs associated with bulb swaps and replacements.

Learn&Save LED Floodlights

Want to learn more about LED Floodlights and what to look for?

LED Floodlight FAQ

Still can’t find the exact LED floodlight you are looking for?

We only sell online a small sample of the most popular LED floodlights from our range. Working directly with the largest and most respected LED manufacturers gives us direct access to their product teams. This enables us to source the perfect LED floodlight for more specialist applications across larger lighting projects, sports lighting and specialist control needs.

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