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Cut your energy and water bills AND save thousands of pounds by simply choosing a more energy efficient kitchen appliance!

Research shows there are big savings to be had over the lifetime of a machine – and that includes those that have an initial higher purchase cost.

A homes Fridge Freezer accounts for up to 13% of an average energy bill

When searching for a kitchen appliance such as a washing machine or fridge freezer you’ll want to pay attention to the energy rating to make sure you’re spending your money wisely. And remember, when you use less water and energy you’re also helping the planet.

Research has shown the average expected lifetime of white goods to be 16-23 years. When choosing an appliance, it’s best to factor in the energy rating along with the purchase cost – even if the initial purchase cost is higher, the saving over the lifetime of the appliance can far outweigh this.

At SaveMoneyCutCarbon, we’re always striving to find the best solutions for the home and businesses that don’t cost the earth (literally!) by making sure all the products we sell are energy efficient, resulting in lower bills and reduced carbon emissions.

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We do all the hard work of researching the best options, so you don’t have to. We find the best products, test & validate their savings claims, and select the best manufacturers. We can then deliver the best solutions and products at great prices, all with our 5-star customer service, either directly from our warehouse or through a range of carefully selected delivery partners.

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Energy Efficient Fridge Freezers

Fridge freezers

Your home’s fridge freezer is used 24/7, accounting for up to 13% of your energy bill. It’s worth noting that the most eco-friendly fridge freezer is the smallest one for all of your needs, because it will cost you less to run.

Based on 2022 energy price rises, an Inefficient appliance can cost £138 or more each year to run, however efficient appliances only add £41*.

If your fridge or freezer is over 10 ten years old, then it may be time to start thinking about replacing it. Older fridge freezers use far more energy than they need to, putting a big strain on your bills. A newer energy-efficient model means you’ll shortly pay back the upfront cost in energy savings.


Energy Efficient Dishwashers


Most homes in the UK use their dishwasher once a day. Dishwashers can use less water than hand washing but some dishwashers use high amounts of energy. When selecting a dishwasher you want to check the amount of water used per cycle and the energy efficiency rating.

Savings Tip: Only put your dishwasher on when full, or use the half load button if it has one. Always opt for an eco wash as it can use up to 30% less energy and water.

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Energy Efficient Washing Machines

Washing Machines

Our busy UK households use their washing machines an average of 4 times a week – and more if we’re bringing up a young family. An old model will be inefficient, using more power and water than really needed.

Savings Tip: Fill your machine about 80% to allow room for the clothes to move and wash correctly. Save 38% on your energy use by choosing a wash temp at 30 instead of 40℃. If your clothes aren’t dirty, a wash temp of 20 can use 62% less energy – saving even more on your bills.

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Choosing an energy-efficient appliance is well worth the investment as not only will it quickly save on your water and electricity bills, but it will massively help the planet too.

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Why do we need energy efficient appliances?

We might ask ourselves “Why do we need energy efficient appliances?”. The answer is really another question – “Why waste our future?”

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