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Building an ESG plan and achieving your organisation’s sustainability goals can be a minefield. That’s where one of our service packages can help.

We invested millions in our “Sustainability as a Service” (SaaS) platform so you don’t have to. Through our SaaS offering we provide advice, education, tools and more to help your organisation define and reach its goals. Plus we can deliver against our recommendations with decarbonisation projects for your buildings and support with regulatory compliance.

  • Turnkey solutions to supercharge your ESG agenda
  • Service packages for organisations of all sizes
  • Add-on options to tailor packages to your needs
  • Expert advice from start to finish

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Carbon Mentor Support

Access to an IEMA qualified Carbon Mentor to provide help & support through your sustainability journey

  3 Hours 10 Hours Unlimited
Carbon Baseline

A Carbon Baseline report provides an overview of your carbon emissions from business operations serving as a reference point to understand and track your business's emissions over time

Desk-based audit of emissions, energy & water

Reporting on your business's Scope 1 & 2 emissions attributed to actual energy and fuel use

Scope 1 & 2 Identification & Quantification

Reporting on your business's Scope 1 & 2 CO2 emissions attributed to energy and fuel use

Scope 3 Identification & Quantification

A breakdown of your business's upstream scope 3 emissions based on government backed Carbon Factors and your organisation's financial spend data

Benchmarking against industry

An indication of your organisation's emissions versus comparable peers using industry databases

High level technology recommendations

Based on your building types and industry, a list of standard interventions and technologies are provided to show possible levels of saving that can be achieved through Energy & Carbon based interventions.

Carbon Reduction Audit

A breakdown of your operational CO2 following an on-saudit of your energy & water consumption

Desktop assessment of viable interventions for Scope 1 & 2

A high-level assessment of recommended interventions with indicative costs and savings

On-site audit of premises of energy & water

An on-site audit of all your energy and water consuming assets

Access to Impact Statement Pro

The Carbon Reduction Audit report, including the interventions and its effect on your operations will be reported via SaveMoneyCutCarbon's easy-to-use, turn-key platform Impact Statement Pro.

  6 Months 12 Months
Carbon Roadmap

Defining a common vision and a set of agreed actions to achieve your carbon targets in your operations

  Add-on Option
Business Case Analysis & Investment Plan to achieve your targets

An investment plan tailored to reach your operational CO2 reduction targets. This includes your organisation's core indices and metrics in the business case to support internal decision making

  Add-on Option
Investment-grade proposals for technology specific business case

A detailed gathering and analysis of data that develops technical & service solutions to a level of detail that can be confidently invested in.

  Add-on Option
Recommend best available energy supplier

Assistance with procuring electric or natural gas from energy wholesalers/suppliers to achieve your objectives

EcoWise Educational Programme for Staff

Eco-Wise is a 12-month educational programme, which engages employees in a fun, accessible and rewarding way while improving their sustainability knowledge.

  Add-on Option
52 weeks of sustainability content (1 article/wk)

Provides access to 52 easy-to-read articles designed to educate and encourage behaviour change

  Add-on Option
Bespoke Articles

Option to customise a defined number of articles based on topics important to your business

  4 Customised Articles
Access to Company Dashboard for Data & Insights

The Employer dashboard provides data on your staff's engagement, performance, and other programme insights

Planet Points Bundle

Employees can earn Planet Points by taking short quizzes after reading select articles.  Planet Points can then be spent on 1,000s of eco-friendly, energy-saving products from our app or website

  100,000 Points 250,000 Points
12 months access to Impact Statement

Digital tool that measures the financial and environmental savings an indivudal or group of individuals has made from purchasing eco-friendly products from the SaveMoneyCutCarbon online shop.

*Allows individuals to see the financial & environmental savings they have made by purchasing eco-friendly products

**Aggregates and anonymises the financial & environmental savings made by all individuals participating in the EcoWise programme and provides this to the sponsoring company

  Individual view* Individual & Company View**
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Additional Options (add to any service package)   Pricing
Supply & installation of technology recommendations

End-to-end delivery of our technology projects (e.g. Solar, EV, LED, Water reduction, etc)


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B-Corp Bootcamp

3-day workshop and assessment score of your organisation's B-corp readiness



B-Corp Accreditation

End-to-end support to become B-corp accredited


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SECR Compliance

Regulatory reporting requirement for any companies, LLPs and groups that exceed at least two of the following three thresholds in the financial year: £36m annual turnover. £18m balance sheet total. 250 employees


From £200

ESOS Compliance

"A regulatory reporting requirement for any UK undertaking that meets either one or both of the conditions below:
Employs 250 or more people
Has an annual turnover in excess of £44 million and an annual balance sheet total in excess of £38 million"


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Save Money

With rising energy costs, sustainability and financial success now go hand-in-hand. SaveMoneyCutCarbon collects real data from your business to produce a robust business case, which shows that sustainable business practices can pay off financially.

We’ve saved our customers millions on their energy and water bills and can even provide financing to help with the initial cash outlay.

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Cut Carbon

Last year alone, we delivered our customers a carbon reduction of 6,765 tonnes. This is equivalent to travelling over 23 million miles in an average petrol car.

Our proprietary measurement tool, Impact Statement Pro, measures the carbon, energy, and water savings of every project we deliver and every item we sell.

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