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Why choose SaveMoneyCutCarbon?

At SaveMoneyCutCarbon, we help you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint with proven products from trusted brands. Our high CRI LED lighting features:

  • High quality LED chips and drivers
  • True-to-natural illumination
  • Full visible light spectrum with no IR of UV radiation

We make it easy to find the perfect lighting for your space, that’ll last for the years. You can have peace of mind that you’re getting the best value with our expert advice.

CRI is the recognised standard for measuring how well a light renders colours underneath it. A light is given a score on the CRI index from 0 to 100. Anything below a score of 80 is below average for LED and will not render colours well.

You can tell when a lamp is bad at rendering colours, as the object underneath will appear the wrong colour – for example a green object can look brown under a light with a low CRI score.

High CRI scored lamps that are excellent at rendering colours will show objects underneath it as if they were in daylight.


Learn&Save High CRI Lighting

Want to learn more about High CRI lighting and what to look for?

Colour Rendering Guide

Still can’t find the exact High CRI LED light you are looking for?

We only sell online a small sample of the most popular LED lights from our range. Working directly with the largest and most respected LED manufacturers gives us direct access to their product teams. This enables us to source the perfect high CRI lighting for more specialist applications across larger lighting projects.

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