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Light can have a profound effect on how we perceive and interact with an environment. Our experiences can be deeply impacted by the quality of the light used within a space. Beam quality and the ability to render colours and whites accurately are critical to this experience, which is why it is essential to consider these attributes when selecting a light source. When you see the light Soraa lamps produce, you’ll understand their passion for perfection.

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Soraa lamps are available in a range of fitting types, including GU10, MR16, AR111 and PAR30S.

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Soraa lamps are available in a variety of beam angles, from the very narrow 8-10 Degree Snap System compatible, to 25D, 36D and 60D fixed beam increments.

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Full Spectrum LED = Vivid Colour

In the past century, a parade of energy-efficient lighting technologies has held out the promise of earth-friendly light.

But in this rush to energy-efficiency, we’ve forgotten something very basic: colour.

Standard LEDs emit blue light and effects colour accuracy. The Soraa Vivid lamps offer beautiful and accurate colour and white rendering across the entire visible spectrum, mimicking the natural range of sunlight to deliver unmatched quality of light for colour critical applications. Soraa Vivid LEDs utilise full spectrum light to provide industry-leading colour rendition of CRI/95, R9/95, Rf/90 Rg/100 for precise colour reproduction.

Unmatched quality of light provides a superior experience for colour critical applications including museums, galleries, retail, and hospitality.

High CRI

Many lighting technologies, including blue-based LEDs, have reduced quality of light to the starkness of colour temperature.

At the most basic level, colour rendering of a light source is defined by CRI, which uses a defined set of eight pastel colours and measures how true-to-natural they appear when illuminated by the source.

A useful extension of CRI is to include deep colours, particularly a ninth colour, red, whose rendering is defined by the metric R9.

Soraa lamps are unrivalled in their high ratings of 95 for both measurements.

Natural White

Perception of whiteness is strongly influenced by the presence of fluorescent whitening agents in both natural objects (like teeth), and manufactured objects (like clothing and paints). Sunlight and incandescent lamps excite these brighteners, but many conventional LED lamps lack the technology to unleash their full potential. Soraa scientists also determine the accuracy of light sources to render true-to-life whites.

Unlike blue LEDs, whose emissions start at 430nm, Soraa’s spectral emission begins at 400nm, providing all the fluorescent excitation needed to discriminate clearly between shades of white. However, unlike more traditional sources of light, Soraa’s products emit no harmful ultra-violet.

This technology is violet-emission 3-phosphor, and the whiteness rendering it creates is VP Natural White.

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