Soraa Vivid

The ultimate in light quality

Light can have a profound effect on how we perceive and interact with an environment, and our experiences can be deeply impacted by the quality of light used within a space. Beam quality, and the ability to render colours and whites accurately are critical to this experience, which is why it is essential to consider these attributes when selecting a light source.

Soraa Vivid lamps provide beautiful and accurate colour and white rendering across the entire visible spectrum, mimicking the natural range of sunlight. By utilising advanced optics and encompassing both Soraa VIVID COLOR™ and Soraa NATURAL WHITE™ technologies, Soraa Vivid lamps deliver exceptional lighting performance, reinvigorating interiors and enhancing the customer experience.

Full spectrum lighting

Behaviours, emotions, well-being, and human interactions depend on seeing colours and whites accurately. Since natural light starts at violet and ends at red, the accurate rendering of colour requires the right amount of spectral content at every wavelength.

As the only LED that spans the full visible spectrum, Soraa Vivid lamps achieve precisely rendered colours and whites resulting in vibrant, dramatic spaces.



  • Industry-leading colour rendition of CRI 95 and R9 95 for precise colour reproduction
  • Engineered to deliver outstanding white rendering of Rw 100 for true-to-life whites
  • Exceptional beam quality with precisely controlled distributions and perfect uniformity
  • Soraa SNAP SYSTEM™ compatible for greater flexibility and increased control
  • Advanced drivers provide a flicker and noise free experience for enhanced comfort
  • Rated lifetime (L70) up to 35,000 hours, offered with a 3-year warranty
  • Suitable for use in fully-enclosed fixtures, including damp locations


  • Unmatched quality of light provides a superior experience for colour critical applications
  • 85% more efficient than halogen lamps, with a typical payback of one year or less
  • Excellent compatibility with most standard LED transformers
  • No harmful UV or IR radiation



  • Galleries & Museums
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • High-End Retail

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