White – Infinite Shades

White is one of the most intricate and multifaceted colours, reflecting all wavelengths of the visible light spectrum. Powder white snow, delicate eggshells and ancient alabaster artifacts demonstrate the complexity of white in all facets of our lives.

With the proliferation of optical brighteners, we encounter even brighter shades of white in everyday products, including clothing, cosmetics, plastics, and paper. Sunlight and incandescent lamps excite these brighteners, but many conventional LED lamps lack the technology required to unleash their full potential.

Soraa’s violet LEDs are engineered to render white materials in the exact same way as natural light. The result? People see endless shades of white when interacting with fashion, cosmetics, artwork, fabrics, and appliances. When these objects take on distinct white appearances under full spectrum light, common experiences – such as shopping or visiting an art museum – become extraordinary.


Soraa Natural White

Soraa is leading the innovation in white rendering by designing the only LED that spans the visible spectrum. Developing Rw, its own calculation method to render white tones faithfully is the foundation for Soraa NATURAL WHITE technology. By carefully optimising these techniques, Soraa makes it possible to render infinite shades of white – just like natural light.

When illuminated with Soraa Natural White technology, clothing, cosmetics, artwork, fabrics and appliances exhibit individual shades of white as expected.

Properly seeing shades of white helps enhance a person’s emotional response to how they experience spaces and perceive objects. Lighting designers strive to create these experiences with artificial light sources while, at the same time, product manufacturers use optical brightening agents to intensify the colour of white objects.

Blue-based LEDs, even with a high CRI, cannot render white materials properly because they do not emit the short wavelength light necessary to excite brightening agents found within these products. As a result, they leave white objects with a potentially dull or lifeless appearance.


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