Soraa Brilliant HL

Beautiful, efficient LED lighting 

Today’s professional lighting applications demand LED lighting solutions that are not only powerful and efficient but also affordable, however this can often lead to a compromise in light quality. Historically, improvements in energy efficiency have come at a cost to colour rendering abilities, with more efficient light sources having a lower CRI value.

Now with the introduction of Soraa BRILLIANT HL™ lamps, there’s no need to compromise. Delivering a highly efficient, high-lumen solution designed to meet stringent efficiency standards, Soraa BRILLIANT HL lamps combine excellent colour performance and world-class optics to deliver the perfect balance between light quality, efficacy, and affordability, making them suitable for a broad range of applications.

A new standard in efficiency 

As we transition away from traditional high-energy incandescent lighting to more efficient alternatives, changes in legislation around energy efficiency and light quality continue to set new standards for LED lighting. Leading the way is the state of California, which has introduced strict new guidelines, known as Title 20, that stipulate minimum efficacy and CRI values. Recent updates to the UK’s building regulations (Part L1 and L2) similarly focuses heavily on efficient LED lighting and the use of lighting control systems. Soraa Brilliant HL lamps have been designed specifically to meet the rigorous requirements mandated by these new regulations.



  • Complies with Energy Star V2, California 20/24 and Part L1 and L2 requirements
  • Highly efficient retrofit LED lighting solution, delivering up to 84lm/W
  • Superior colour rendition of CRI 90 and R9 950 for deeper reds and natural skin tones
  • Exceptional beam quality with precisely controlled distributions and perfect uniformity
  • Soraa SNAP SYSTEM™ compatible for greater flexibility and enhanced control
  • Advanced drivers deliver a flicker and noise free experience for enhanced comfort
  • Rated lifetime (L70) of 35,000 hours, offered with a 3-year warranty
  • 7.5W lamps are suitable for use in fully-enclosed fixtures, including damp locations


  • Offers the perfect balance between quality of light, efficacy, and affordability
  • Excellent compatibility with most standard LED transformers
  • No harmful UV or IR radiation


  • Big Box Retail
  • Restaurant & Hospitality
  • Residential

View the Soraa Brilliant range. 

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