Why water is important

Many organisations do not realise how much carbon is expended in the production of water.

Every litre of water produced has indirectly utilised energy and generated carbon emissions, known as embodied carbon. Through our sustainability projects, we help organisations recognise the contribution that they are making in terms of offsetting carbon and assist with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR).

We care about wellness & hygiene

We recognise that increasingly end users place wellbeing as their most important factor in their washroom experience.

Also known as indoor environmental quality, users expect a clean and hygienic washroom space.

How we help organisations

Our objective is to enable organisations to reduce water consumption, costs and meet environmental, sustainability and hygiene targets via full retrofit solutions that deliver savings, payback and peace of mind.

Businesses that don’t realise they can make these significant savings, or know how to carry out the work can utilise our Smarter Washroom Services.

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon Smart Washroom Team will conduct an environmental and hygiene audit of your washroom which will provide us with how much water and carbon can be saved across the various building’s touch points, and propose solutions using trusted brands.

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