Benefits of a smarter washroom to the owner

  • Deliver cost efficiencies through leading environmental and sustainable solutions
  • Aid in Health & Safety compliance
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through optimum hygiene and a focus on wellness
  • Unlock data on product performance and user behaviour.
  • Support organisations’ compliance with the UK Government’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) policy

Benefits of a smarter washroom to the end user

  • ‘No touch’ hygienic hands-free operation on taps, soap dispensers, hand sanitiser dispensers, toilets, urinals, hand dryers and lights.
  • A cleaner environment – due to products with self-cleaning technology and usage data that can inform a site’s provision of cleaning and maintenance
  • Less queue time – in the form of technology to manage the flow of guests, cubicle lighting systems to show occupancy and toilets that flush and refill in only 25 seconds

What does a smarter washroom look like?

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