SaveMoneyCutCarbon can help your hotel in 4 ways....

1. The benefits to you...

Owner and Operating Companies

  • Capital Payback typically 1-3 years for over 38 energy and water usage touch points
  • Increase your management fee through increased operating profit
  • Increase your properties EBITDA and Asset Value by reducing your energy and water consumption – without an impact on guest satisfaction
  • Claim Enhanced Capital allowances to offset tax liabilities

General Manager and Finance Controller

  • Achieve CSR targets and improve your hotel’s sustainability credentials with no impact on guest satisfaction
  • Improve your operating profit by reducing both your energy and water bills
  • Personalised investment ready proposal with ROI’s and payback periods fully detailed to assist with your budget planning
  • A single impartial end to end service provider who is an expert in the hotel sector

Chief Engineer/ Maintenance Manager

  • Quality products from proven manufacturers which have longer lifespans, reduce replacement times and improve sustainability
  • Leading manufacturer partnerships to maintain your brand standards
  • A single and consistent point of contact
  • Next day delivery on most common items

2. Expert recommendations for your hotel

Energy & Water Saving Products

Front of House Lighting

Cost saving lighting solutions for your reception, corridor and stairwells

Back of House Lighting

Lighting solutions to improve productivity through optimum light levels

Exterior Lighting

Intelligent car park lighting and exterior building lighting to improve safety and security

Guest Bedroom Lighting

Comfort lighting that helps your guests have a relaxing stay

Ambient Lighting

Beautifully atmospheric lighting for restaurants and bars

Lighting Controls

Intelligent lighting controls designed specifically for the hospitality sector

Smart Radiator Valves

Install, set and forget these Smart Radiator Valves to save you up to 30% on your heating bills

Solar PV

Reduce your electricity demand from the Grid, saving money and reducing carbon emissions

Eco Taps & Accessories

Reduce your bills through flow and temperature regulation without impacting guest experience

Eco Showers & Accessories

Eco showers using only 9 litres/min with no impact on guest experience, and full listings of spares

Eco Toilets

Reduce water usage by 84% and remove 99.9% of contaminants with our Propelair solution

Eco Urinals

Whiffaway’s waterless urinal technology is cost saving, odourless and hygienic

Smart Guestroom Heating and Ventilation

This wireless system can deliver up to 30-35% energy savings

Motor Controls

Motors run constantly across your business – VSD’s deliver up to 50% savings and paybacks of a…

Demand Controlled Ventilation

Achieve up to 80% energy savings in your commercial kitchen

EV Charging

We are an OLEV approved installer and can provide a fully managed system

Interact Pro

Maximise energy savings and increase productivity by taking full control of your lighting


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The G&V Hotel, Edinburgh

LED lighting upgrade saves G&V Edinburgh £8,300 a year - Focus on energy efficiency and ambiance with reduced bills & carbon footprint

View project




Radisson Blu, Stansted: Car Park

Radisson Blu, Stansted saves over £7,600 per year from their energy bills - SaveMoneyCutCarbon has worked with the management at Radisson Blu, Stansted to provide LED lighting for their car park

View project



The Grove Hotel

LED lighting installation stands to save The Grove over £38,000 per year - The Grove is part of the Ralph Trustees hotel group, famed for its luxury rooms and large estate

View project


Park Inn, York

York hotel saves £6,200 a year with full LED lighting retrofit - Payback on investment within five years and reduction in carbon footprint of nearly 70%

View project




Radisson Blu, Edinburgh

Hotel on Edinburgh Royal Mile saves more than £17,000 a year with LED lighting - Full property retrofit at Radisson Blu also reduces CO2 emissions by 78%

View project



The Athenaeum Hotel

LED lighting upgrade set to save The Athenaeum over £17,000 per year - SaveMoneyCutCarbon deliver successful end-to-end solution including Consultancy, Project Management, Supply and Installation

View project



Park Inn, Northampton

Site-wide LED refit reduces hotels energy bills by £13,000 per annum - End-to-end energy efficiency specialists SaveMoneyCutCarbon complete LED refit project to reduce energy bills and cut carbon emissions

View project



Hinckley Island Hotel

Hinckley Island Hotel install the latest in intelligent utility controls - SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s end-to-end service reduces Hinckley Island's annual energy usage by 329,103 kWh!

View project




Park Inn, Heathrow

Park Inn, Heathrow stands to save over £11,000 per year with LED - SaveMoneyCutCarbon helps the Park Inn, Heathrow reduce their environmental impact and save money on their energy bills

View project



Hinckley Island: Conference Suites

Hinckley Island Hotel install intelligent LED lighting system - SaveMoneyCutCarbon play crucial role in multi-million pound conference suite refurbishment

View project




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