The Brief

The Carlton Hotel, Edinburgh carried out a full independent survey of their emergency lighting which highlighted a number of necessary remedial repairs.

As preferred LED lighting supplier/installer for the Hotel Collection, SaveMoneyCutCarbon were invited to tender for replacing the original emergency lights with LED equivalents.

The Solution

Following our detailed proposal, SaveMoneyCutCarbon was selected to manage the project. Our nationwide installation team were responsible for ensuring the work was within the compliance requirements for emergency lighting.

Our dedicated field services team managed significant risk on behalf of the hotel. Emergency lighting is mandatory for the hotel and a breach of regulations would result in immediate closure.

Our team liaised closely with the hotel management and inspectors to ensure everything ran smoothly and ensured all safety commitments were met.

Our specification detailed over 50 different emergency lighting product lines, as we specially sourced a number of additional products to meet the specific demands of the project.

Thanks to SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s swift and professional installation the Carlton Hotel are fully emergency lighting compliant and benefitting from the latest in LED technology.

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