The Client

The Savoy Hotel is a world-renowned as ‘London’s most famous hotel’.

As a pioneer of new technology throughout its history, the Savoy is an early adopter of LED lighting.

The Brief

The Savoy Hotel’s staff began an extensive selection process to replace the candle bulbs in their hotel room chandeliers. Two criteria were of the utmost importance.

First, the LED required little to no maintenance. Each chandelier contains 80 lamps, each room with two chandeliers, and failing lamps would damage the hotel’s famed standards.

Second, careful attention was paid to the appearance of the light. It was important that the light sources did not produce multiple or muddied shadows and that they did not produce a harsh glare.

The Solution

Following their very scrupulous process, the Savoy management selected an LED candle from Verbatim. It performed excellently in tests and produced a warm light which was glare-free and produced crisp shadows.

The Savoy management were directed to SaveMoneyCutCarbon from Verbatim as a UK master distributor.

From there our experienced customer service and supply-only team quickly and efficiently arranged the supply of more than 2,000 lamps.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon don’t just bulk shift. We specially orchestrated a delivery composed of several small boxes as a palletised delivery was inappropriate for the client.

Our customer service team continue to be in contact with the hotel to supply additional bulbs as and when required at a tailored price structure.

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