Risk-Free Sustainability Financing for Energy Efficiency

Use untapped energy and water efficiencies to improve your bottom line. And with our two innovative finance options, it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Discover why now is the time to transform your energy and water consumption – and dramatically reduce what it costs.

Energy and water bills are only heading one way – and that’s up. Everyone should be concerned about their carbon footprint and we all need to do our bit for the planet – your staff and customers now expect it. With our intelligent water & energy efficiency funding model for investment, we’ll help ensure you cut both costs and carbon – without the risk.

Immediate Savings

Finding the capital to fund energy and water saving initiatives can be a challenge, especially if there are more pressing needs for your cash.

But with all energy and water sustainability projects available, the savings can be immediate and, in some cases, like LED lighting, cost reductions can be as much as 90%. Technology found in products such as Propelair’s Eco Toilet can create water savings as high as 80% on every flush.

Our unique water and energy efficiency financing options help you take advantage of these new technologies.

No Barriers

Given their rapid payback, energy and water saving projects should be the proverbial ‘no brainer’. However, sourcing the initial capital to fund the upfront supply and installation can be a challenge.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon has solved this problem

Through our innovative SMCC finance team, we provide our clients with a range of fast and flexible financing options, providing a new capital- and risk-free finance solution that simply uses the measured savings generated. It’s a unique funding model among private financing options for energy efficiency projects.

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how it works

We have completed over 1,000 energy and water savings projects across all types of buildings, which has given us a unique insight into the potential savings available and the pitfalls that come with any installation.

Risk-free green finance

Our direct relationships with major manufacturers provide us with complete confidence in the products and solutions we install. Combining this with our measurement technology and our instant credit approval process, allows us to bring this unique offering to market; moving beyond the numerous standard green finance offerings.

Our in-house professional services team undertake a comprehensive energy and water audit of the buildings or spaces you require, looking at all potential savings. We also analyse your existing consumption data and supply costs, accurately identifying potential savings.

All the analysis and data are then presented to you within our unique cloud-based Savings Opportunity Report Tool (SORT) which will show you the possible savings and provide investment-ready proposals for supply, installation and ongoing management.

Choice & Peace of Mind

If you have your own capital, we advise you to use it so that your business can benefit immediately from 100% of the savings. However, this comes with the cost of your capital, the possible risk of savings not materialising, and the potential that products do not work as envisaged – or even fail. For those that do not want to spend their own capital and want to reduce exposure to any risk, we have two flexible green finance options:

Fixed Payment Scheme

With this scheme we agree with you a fixed monthly payment for a pre-agreed term. This is a simple rental contract similar to a TV, car or photocopier, so off-balance sheet with a peppercorn payment for transfer of title at the end of the term. We will calculate your savings and agree the monthly payments with you, but the agreed payment is due each month regardless of savings

Risk Free / Pay as you Save

This unique and totally risk-free funding model covers all aspects of supply, installation, commissioning, measurement, and ongoing support and service. You simply get an agreed percentage of the savings. Measurement technology will be used to calculate your actual savings before any installation starts and will remain installed for the duration of the contract. After installation, we will take an agreed percentage of your savings each month. If, for any reason, you believe the savings aren’t being delivered, our team will work with you to understand why and then provide further help to deliver what was expected. If anything fails or savings are not delivered, this responsibility sits with the SaveMoneyCutCarbon team.

  • no product failure risk
  • no capital risk
  • no maintenance risk
  • no lack of savings risk

Simple 10 Step Process

“We had a real challenge to find ways to commission much-needed new lighting for the busy warehouse with the running costs being so prohibitive. The capital-free solution provided by SaveMoneyCutCarbon made the decision a real no-brainer and convinced us to go ahead. We haven’t been disappointed – the savings on energy mean that the retrofit is effectively self-financing. We’ll go on saving money for many years, through near zero maintenance costs and lower electricity bills.”

Leon McGill Director of Operations at U70 Ltd

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