What is Financing Made Easy and how can it help my organisation reduce its energy and water bills?

It’s been predicted there will be a 35 percent increase in energy and water requirements by 2041 – although this seems a long way off, it highlights how utility prices will steadily increase, dictated by supply and demand. In parallel, most organisations will have carbon reduction targets.

Finding the capital to fund energy and water saving initiatives can be a challenge, especially if there are more pressing needs for your cash. With all energy and water sustainability projects, the savings can be immediate and in some cases, like LED lighting, savings can be as much as 90%.

Technology found in products such as Propelair’s Eco Toilet can create water savings as high as 80% on every flush. Therefore, energy and water saving projects should be the proverbial ‘no brainer’ – the only potential barrier is being able to source the initial capital to fund the upfront
supply and installation.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon has removed this barrier

Through our innovative Analytics and Finance team, we provide our clients with a range of fast & flexible financing options, providing an ew capital and finance solution that simply uses the measured savings generated.

The Cost of Inaction

Undertaking an energy and water efficiency project requires an initial capital outlay, however not always recognised is the is also a cost of not investing, on your finances and the planet.

In the illustration below we see that an energy and water efficiency project can reduce an organisation’s cost by 20% from £500,000 per year to £400,000 per year. Assuming energy and water increases of just 4%, the business as usual utility bill after ten years would be £710,000 per year. With a reduction plan in place, over the ten years this could reduce costs by £1.2m. Why not Act Now?

What Makes Us Different?

We have completed over 1,000 energy and water savings projects across all types of buildings, which has given us a unique insight into the potential savings available and the pitfalls that come with any installation.

  • Our direct relationships with major manufacturers provides us with complete confidence in the products and solutions we install.
  • Our in-house team of auditors and analysts undertake a comprehensive energy and water audit of the buildings or spaces you require, looking at all potentail savings.
  • We also analyse your existing consumption data and supply costs, accurately identifying potential savings.

All the analysis and data is then presented to you within our unique cloud-based Savings Opportunity Report Tool (SORT) which will show you the possible savings and provide investment ready proposals for supply, installation and ongoing management.

Choice & Peace of Mind

If you have your own capital, then we would always advise that you use it so that your business can immediately benefit from 100% of the savings. However, this comes with the cost of your capital and what else this capital could be invested into. For those that do not want to spend their own capital and want o reduce exposure to risks, we have a number of flexible finance options, depending on your requirements.

Benefits of Finance

Fixed periodic payments are spread over the term of the agreement, so you can budget with certainty. Finance payments can be deferred until the project is completed and the savings are being realised, so you are cash positive in month one.

Maintenance contracts can be wrapped into the financing so everything is taken care of, offering complete piece of mind and a guaranteed monthly cost.

Energy and water efficiency projects reduce an organisations overheads and so make complete sense, the only barrier to completing these is the availability of the initial capital outlay.

Simple Process

“We had a real challenge to find ways to commission much-needed new lighting for the busy warehouse with the running costs being so prohibitive. The capital-free solution provided by SaveMoneyCutCarbon made the decision a real no-brainer and convinced us to go ahead. We haven’t been disappointed – the savings on energy mean that the retrofit is effectively self-financing. We’ll go on saving money for many years, through near zero maintenance costs and lower electricity bills.”

Leon McGill Director of Operations at U70 Ltd



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