About Lodging Technology

Lodging Technology has been a pioneer in cost-saving, sensor-based guest-room energy management for more than 35 years.

William Fizer, the company founder and President invented the GEM Link Wireless system specifically for the hospitality sector while working for a big hotel group in the United States in the early 1980s.

Since then, the company has expanded to provide innovative energy-saving solutions that greatly reduce operational costs.

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Lodging Technologies has built an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality products, together with great customer service. SaveMoneyCutCarbon is the sole partner/distributor for the company in EMEA.

Since launch, GEM Link Wireless has been successfully installed in hundreds of hotel properties across the United States, delivering secure, on-going savings with average reduction energy reductions of 35-45%.

The company’s secure solution ensures rapid payback on initial costs with ongoing savings.

As innovators, Lodging Technology is acknowledged as the first company to use Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to detect body heat rather than motion sensing and the first to use an Entry Door switch to lock its GEM Link Wireless system into an occupied mode.

Other industry-leading innovations include the use of “normally closed” relays for fail-safe operation and facilities for service staff to monitor room occupancy.

The completely secure GEM Link infrared wireless in-room energy management solution extends beyond the hotel sector to embrace education and offices, where intelligent application of sensor technology provides opportunities to greatly reduce energy costs.

GEM Link Wireless

The GEM Link Wireless solution provides excellent energy savings with robust and fully secure operation.

The quickest and most effective way to significantly reduce operating costs is through heating and ventilation (HVAC) energy management.

In a hotel environment, HVAC consumes around 85% of guest room energy on average but rooms are usually unoccupied for 65% of the time while these services continue to run.

GEM Link works by determining the physical presence of a person or people in rooms by detecting infrared body heat.

In the hotel environment, it provides guests with complete control of the guest room while there. The system takes control of the heating and ventilation systems when the guest leaves the room, resetting the temperature to energy-conserving levels.

GEM Link Wireless cuts HVAC energy consumption between 35%-45% and return on initial costs are usually achieved in one to two years.

GEM Link Wireless can be installed in any guest room easily and with minimum disruption – it only takes about 30 minutes.

The system is also completely secure and “hacker-free” as it does not operate through Internet protocols and because it is not open, there is no danger that a hacker can take control.

This hacking problem has grown in recent years as some hospitality groups have moved in-room controls systems to “the cloud”, which has given criminals the opportunity to break into computer systems and take control, demanding payment (“ransomware”) before letting management take back control.

Gem Link Wireless connects to any HVAC unit of any voltage with any type thermostat, including PTACs, VTACs, Split System, and Fan Coil Units.

GEM Link is backed by a full two-year warranty and is manufactured in internationally certified ISO9001:2008 facilities in the United States.

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