Our Partnership with Interact

SaveMoneyCutCarbon believe that Interact is game-changing technology for any business that is looking to upgrade its lighting whilst gaining real time data collection and full lighting control.

With Interact, businesses can collect data such as how much energy is being used by lighting, when lights are on or off, peaks in energy usage and so much more.

Having all of this available data makes it easier for businesses looking to optimise their space as well as increase productivity whilst maximising energy savings.

Lighting can be truly customised, whether it’s by having a group of lights come on at a certain time or an individual light dimming for a single employee’s work space. It’s up to you.

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How Does Interact Work?

The technology that makes Interact work is built into each light – meaning that installation of the lights is very similar to installing a normal one.

A gateway hub is installed which wirelessly connects to a light, and then that light connects to another light and so on. This ‘wireless mesh’ removes the need for additional cabling.

The lights and other products such as sensors and switches connect to the intuitive app & dashboard which are both simple to use, but go far beyond simple capabilities.

This app can be accessed by whoever the business decides on, and certain levels of access can be granted to specific individuals.

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App & Dashboard capabilities

The Interact App & Dashboard provides you with the ability to:

  • Create groups and zones consisting of lights and sensors.
  • Remotely turn lights on and off.
  • Create ‘scenes’ for specific activities such as presentations.
  • See how much energy is being used, down to a specific light.
  • See faults for individual lights
  • Control access levels for employees
  • Connect new lights and sensors
  • so much more

Approved Installer

SaveMoneyCutCarbon are proud to be an Interact Approved Installer. This certification means that we undergone all of the necessary training required to install Interact to the highest level.

By choosing us as your Interact installer, you can relax knowing that you’ve chosen a partner that has the required knowledge and experience to ensure your business receives the lighting that best suits its needs.



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