Why hotels should provide electric vehicle charging for their guests

Hotels have a unique opportunity with the electric vehicle revolution to tap into the twin-win of improving guest experience and enhance their eco-friendly practices.

Rapid growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market and widening concerns around environmental conservation mean that hotels with electric car chargers can not only contribute to a greener future but also enhance guest experience – and stay ahead of the competition at the same time.

There is now a compelling argument that installing electric vehicle chargers on hotel premises is no longer just an option but a strategic decision that offers numerous benefits for both the environment and the business.

Hotel EV charging

Hotel EV charging is tapping into the growing electric vehicle market. The adoption of electric vehicles is rapidly increasing, and this trend is expected to accelerate in the coming years. As governments worldwide implement stricter emission regulations and provide incentives for EV adoption, more individuals are making the switch to EVs.

Increasingly, these eco-conscious drivers will also be hotel guests, and the provision of destination EV charging means that hotel brands will attract and retain guests, not least the more affluent, given the high prices of electric vehicles currently.

A hotel property is perfect for EV charging. Guests can arrive, book in, get settled and enjoy their stay knowing that in the morning their EV will be fully charged and ready, after a night’s connection to the EV charging station, securely and off-road to add peace of mind.

Longer stays

The convenience of having chargers available on-site can create a positive and memorable impression, potentially leading to repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. And the provision of EV charging can also provide guests with the impetus to stay longer, and take full advantage of the no-hassle services.

Hotels with EV charging will be responding to the surge in demand for EVs in the UK, as concerned motorists pick up on the government’s schedule to end to sale of new diesel and petrol cars and vans by 2030 as part of its Net Zero strategy.

EV friendly hotels are in prime position to appeal to EV growth. As of July 2023, there were around 840,000 fully electric cars on UK roads and a further 520,000 plug-in hybrids. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) expects battery electric vehicles to take 22.6% market share in 2024 after deliveries in July surged almost 88%.

Over half of younger UK drivers are likely to switch to EV models while company car and fleet drivers across the UK and Europe are moving to EVs, benefiting from massive fuel and maintenance savings.

Provision of EV charging also crucially means that the range anxiety common among electric vehicle owners is removed. What might have been a barrier to a potential guest is now a massive incentive.

Destination charging

EV charging-as-a-service opens up a valuable revenue stream, taking advantage of the exciting new era of low carbon transport. The destination charging service can attract new customers, build brand loyalty and drive brand awareness.

An EV charging solution provides the hotel with a twin bonus, meeting an increasing number of requests from guests as well as a growing revenue stream. Some hotels opt for paid charging services, providing an additional source of income. Even if the charging service is initially offered for

free, it can attract more guests who might then spend money on other hotel amenities like restaurants, spas, or room upgrades.

Hotels can generate revenue by charging a fee for use of the charging stations, or by offering it as an added value service for guests who book a room – and offering public EV charging can also be a way for hotels to drive revenue. This added stream of revenue is a great way to sustain the slow season and attract new customers.

End-to-end EV solutions

SaveMoneyCutCarbon offers a full, end-to-end solution for commercial EV charging stations which are all approved by the Office of Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV) and are suitable for high usage environments.

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon E-Mobility team works with hotel management and technical staff to design and specify the most effective destination charging solution, from preliminary high-level design and feasibility study to site survey and audit.

Hotels can make the first move to the electric green future by speaking to one of our EV specialists who can guide them through the process of selecting, installing, and integrating EV charging stations into their premises.

Enhancing loyalty and ESG

In an increasingly tough commercial environment, every hotel needs to find ways to stand out and installing EV chargers is a positive step that can set a property apart from competitors. The service distinction can attract a loyal customer base that wants both comfort and conscientiousness.

EV charging services send a clear signal to guests that the hotel is forward-thinking, socially responsible, and dedicated to offering modern amenities. At the same time, the move to EV charging will enhance a brand’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies. It demonstrates commitment to sustainability, reducing carbon footprint, and supporting the transition to cleaner transportation.

This not only resonates with guests but also aligns with the values of potential corporate clients looking for responsible venues to host events and conferences.

Future-proof EV services

And with early adoption of the technology, hotels can future-proof their infrastructure while ensuring that they are prepared for the increasing demand for charging facilities.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon EV charging solutions are designed to scale on demand, effortlessly adding new charging stations as needed. This proactive approach prevents last-minute scrambling and allows the hotel to adapt to changing guest preferences seamlessly.

Carbon emissions reduction is a priority, and every hotel has the opportunity to contribute significantly to net zero by supporting the use of EVs. Installing EV chargers is an obvious next step towards a cleaner environment. And commitment to sustainability can lead to positive media coverage, improved public relations and an enhanced brand image.

By actively participating in the electric evolution, hotels can demonstrate commitment to responsible practices, be proactive in the global challenge of climate change and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

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