The Client

Sicon develop software applications for integration with Sage and are well established as one of the leading developers in the UK and Ireland.

The Brief

The business systems software company designs and develops applications in the UK at its offices in Bury St Edmunds. Sicon contacted SaveMoneyCutCarbon on a recommendation from a previous client to explore ways to improve their lighting, office aesthetics and reduce energy bills.

A crucial element of the project was the need to identify the availability of grants for energy-saving business projects, using SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s extensive knowledge of the area.

The Solution

SaveMoneyCutCarbon first carried out an extensive survey of the offices and then demonstrated a range of LED panel solutions to help the company decide which would work best for them. For the funding process, SaveMoneyCutCarbon advised and assisted Sicon to apply successfully for two grants.

The company won funding for 28% of the project’s cost from BEE Anglia (European Regional Development Fund resources) and a £1,000 Green Business Grant from the local St Edmundsbury Borough Council. The timing for the BEE Anglia grant was good as funding for the energy-saving programme shuts off at the end of March (2019).

Energy costs reduced 50% with LED panels
Grants covered 28% of costs

With funds assured, Sicon moved ahead with the choice of the energy-efficient and improved LED lighting. They chose a combination of distinctive Sky panels and high-quality Thorn IQ Wave panels that provide exceptional quality of light.

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon Field Services Team carried out the retrofit work at times to ensure minimum disruption to the business. The team installed Sky LED panels in the main sales area and Thorn IQ panels in the meeting rooms as well as bulkheads and other LED fittings in other areas.

The quality LED fittings are designed for a working life of around 50,000 hours to ensure years of maintenance-free use. And, unlike traditional fluorescent tubes that degrade over time, LEDs maintain a high quality of light output throughout their operation.

The company was so impressed with the initial Sky panels that it ordered further panels for the offices.

“SaveMoneyCutCarbon were highly recommended and we were keen to find ways to not only reduce our energy use but also improve our lighting. We were very impressed with the Sky panels when we first saw them. They look great! They are very distinctive and have really enhanced our offices. More important, SaveMoneyCutCarbon helped greatly in our successful grant applications, which were complex, but made a huge difference in terms of managing capital costs.”

Richard Youngman, managing director of Sicon

“Sicon were a joy to work with from start to finish and it was very satisfying to help them choose some superb LED lighting with the added beauty of the Sky panels, which really do look fantastic! It was also great to be able to guide Sicon through the funding maze and win the big grants that covered a big percentage of costs. For any company that wants to make energy savings this year, the time to act is now to avoid missing out on grants that will not be around for much longer.”

Hannah Deeley, consultative sales executive at SaveMoneyCutCarbon


  • Over 28% of total cost covered by grants
  • Energy costs reduced by around 50%
  • Carbon footprint reduced by 50%
  • Office environment enhanced
  • Lower maintenance costs

Annual Savings

  • £1,142.44

    £ saved

  • 50%


  • 50%


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