Benefits of LED warehouse lighting

The industrial warehouse is a demanding challenge for lighting specialists and getting it right in every area is crucial for safety and efficiency. That’s why there are so many benefits of LED warehouse lighting.

The LED lighting solution for warehouses is the most cost-effective and sustainable way to light these complex industrial spaces. LED technology is mature and now is as good as or better than traditional fluorescent or metal halide (HID) solutions.

It’s surprising to know that there are many warehouses that operate with very old lighting that is not only expensive to run and maintain but is also of poor quality that can present safety concerns.

The type of LED lighting needed in warehouses depends on building dimensions and storage methods – from floor stacking to full automation, moveable racking and robot picking. Illumination has to be safe and effective for staff in these areas while attention should also be focused on tasks like colour identification and reading of small print.

Lower costs of LED

As electricity prices continue to rise – and we don’t expect them to fall anytime soon – the old lighting is a big strain on operating costs. It’s almost a no-brainer to move to LED technology that is very energy efficient, with much lower maintenance costs, and higher quality illumination.

LED use much less less energy than fluorescent or HID and the saving on electricity costs quickly repay initial investment, with ongoing savings year after year.

LEDs now have proven exceptional long life, with many models lasting for 50,000 hours or more and that ensures far less disruption to working cycles and potential hazards from failed lamps. The reduced maintenance ensures that there is less disruption to staff and the better visual conditions improve concentration and productivity.

LED lighting also produces less heat than other solutions. It’s one of the big advantages compared with other options.  The more efficient LED fixtures are a safer alternative and reduce operating costs by taking the strain off the air-conditioning, with up to 20% savings in energy used for cooling.


Better health & safety

Warehouse lighting needs to meet or exceed health & safety guidelines. Warehouses present a higher risk and dark or badly-lit spaces increase the danger for injuries or fatalities. Quality LED lights for industrial use also ensure that security personnel can maintain excellent visibility in all areas.

Bad lighting has a negative effect on the workforce, with increased cases of headaches, eyestrain, neck and back strain and nausea. With quality LED lighting, there can be a strong effect on productivity, morale and efficiency.

Shock and impact-resistant LED battens that have an IP65 rating are also best for warehouse entrances, loading bays, garages and other working areas where corrosion can be a challenge. As LED lighting is highly durable and can withstand shock and vibration, it is perfect for warehouses where machinery or forklifts are in constant use.

LED is also the best choice for the emergency lighting, which is a legal requirement. Long and maintenance-free life reduces costs while adjustable designs enable precision for safety.

Lower maintenance costs

Traditional strip lighting and gas-based lamps need much higher maintenance than LED – it’s possible to reduce maintenance costs by 50% or more with quality LED solutions from trusted brands like Thorn and Ledvance.


Instant full light, no flicker

Another benefit of LED warehouse lighting is the instant availability of full light, with no delays for warm-up that can take minutes. HID lamps can take up to 20 minutes to reach maximum illumination which means wasting a lot of energy.

LEDs also don’t have the constant on/off cycles which can affect HIDs and fluorescent fixtures and work efficiently in a wide range of temperatures, unlike fluorescent fittings. Fluorescent lighting options also take time to reach full effect quality of light deteriorates with age.

Well manufactured LED fixtures ensure that the quality of light is better than traditional sources and the aim is to focus on the colour temperature range of between 4000k and 5000k, which generates a cool white that at the top end often produces a blue tint.  This helps staff to avoid eyestrain while generally improving the working environment and productivity

In some cases, it’s an option to choose LED lighting with 3500k for a slightly warmer feel but this has to be balanced against visibility and safety. Quality LEDs fixtures also offer excellent colour rendering and a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of at least 85 is easily achieved, with higher values available.

Easy installation

There are a full range of LED fixtures to cover all warehouse lighting needs and designed for easy installation with retrofitting a generally available option to reduce costs.

LED warehouse lighting is easy to set up with in-built fittings for suspended light installations or surface mounting. LED fittings are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, offering an adaptable, long-lasting solution that will endure years of regular use. Switching to LED warehouse lighting is a simple task.


LED lighting controls

More flexibility and cost-savings are achieved by ensuring that LED installations include controls. Unlike HID, LEDs are more efficient when run at less than full power and an added advantage is that their lifespan also increases.

Smart controls help to deliver further savings through intelligent lighting that incorporates timers and motion devices, so the LEDs are only used when needed. By being responsive to conditions, and patterns of traffic in a warehouse, the smart LED lighting systems can deliver a further 30% in energy savings.

Find the best LED solutions for your warehouse.

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