SaveMoneyCutCarbon can help your hospital in 4 ways....

1. The benefits to you...

Sustainability Manager

  • Full access to your personalised energy savings proposal, designed to help you achieve your energy savings targets
  • Proven solutions to help you achieve you carbon reduction targets
  • Reducing your Hospital’s impact on the environment


  • Full access to your personalised investment ready proposal with ROI’s and payback periods fully detailed
  • Unlock energy and water savings potential, so funds can be re-directed to finance front line Healthcare needs
  • Achieve CSR targets and improve sustainability credentials with no impact on patients or staff

Maintenance Manager

  • Quality products from proven manufacturers which have longer lifespans and reduce replacement times
  • A full range of available sustainable spares
  • A single and consistent point of contact should anything go wrong
  • Next day delivery on most common items

2. Expert recommendations for your hospital

Energy & Water Saving Products

Eco Taps and Accessories

Quality taps with CoolStart technology for safety. Tap aerators - a perfect water saving retrofit

Eco Showers

Low flow, easy clean showers with temperature setting – a perfect staff accommodation

EV Charging

We are an OLEV approved installer and can provide a fully managed system

Demand Controlled Ventilation

Achieve up to 80% savings by controlling extractor and air supply fans in line with demand

Solar PV

Reduce your electricity demand from the Grid, saving money and reducing carbon emissions

Motor Controls

Motors run constantly across your business- VSD's deliver up to 50% savings and paybacks of a year

Eco Toilets

Reduce water usage by 84% and remove 99.9% of contaminants with our Propelair solution

Smart Heating and Ventilation Controls

This wireless system delivers up to 35% savings, controlling heating through infrared body heat

Exterior Lighting

Intelligent Car Park lighting and exterior building lighting to improve safety & security

Office Space & Medical Examination Area

Lighting solutions to improve productivity and comfort through optimum light levels

Smart Radiator Valves

Install, set and forget these Smart Radiator Valves to save you up to 30% on your heating bills

Hospital Wards Lighting

Improve health, wellbeing and sleep with SORAA Zeroblue technology

Corridor and Communal Lighting

Lighting solutions to provide measurable cost savings in high traffic areas

Localised Lighting Controls

Control each rooms lighting to suit the individuals needs of your patients

Interact Pro

Maximise energy savings and increase productivity by taking full control of your lighting


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Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Addenbrooke’s Hospital saves £3,750 a year with LED lighting and motion sensors - Payback in just over three years with interest-free Salix funding

View project



Addenbrooke’s Hospital LED lighting projects to save over £185,000 a year

LED lighting projects to save over £185,000 a year -

View project


Addenbrooke’s Hospital: Service Areas

Addenbrooke’s Hospital saves £15,000 a year with LED lighting upgrade - Full Salix funding compliance achieved to deliver ROI in under five years

View project



The Abbeyfields Clinic

Clinic takes control with high quality LED lighting - Retrofit delivers fully dimmable light with big energy savings

View project




Addenbrooke’s Hospital Maternity

Addenbrooke’s Hospital maternity ward cuts lighting costs by 63% a year with LEDs - Return on investment in just over three years with interest-free Salix funding

View project



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