SteriTouch & Propelair – extra line of defence for maximum hygiene

SteriTouch is a technology that is embedded in a wide range of plastics and paints, actively working on the surface to create a cleaner, safer and healthier environment.

Our popular Propelair low-flush toilets can be supplied with latches protected by SteriTouch to prevent the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould. It’s the extra line of defence to ensure maximum hygiene always.

SteriTouch works through ionic silver additives that effectively inhibit microbial growth for the full lifetime of the Propelair lid. This minimises cross-contamination when closing the lid, which is needed for operative flushing.

SteriTouch is the market leader in anti-bacterial solutions that ensure the highest standards of hygiene and its addition further reinforces the many germ-inhibiting benefits of Propelair, which all help to provide a positive environment for better productivity in business and healthcare and reduced costs through illness.

Learn more in this short video.

YouTube video



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