Transform your kitchen with a boiling water tap

The boiling water tap is one of those rare technologies that quietly revolutionizes the way people work in their kitchens.

It’s quickly becoming a must-have item in the home with the benefits, ease of use and overall aesthetic justifying the initial costs, balanced against energy and water-cost savings over the long term.

Time is one thing in short supply for most of us nowadays and anything that helps is a godsend and that’s one of the main benefits of the Grohe Red Duo boiling tap. The fact that the hot water is instantly available might seem to be unimportant but unless you hardly use the hob or kettle, there is a massive difference.

Hot Drink Obsession

We just need to remember that a kettle takes around three minutes to boil and around 90% of us drink tea or coffee (or both!) every day. In fact, in the UK we drink 60 billion cups of tea a year. That’s a lot of time spent waiting for the kettle to do its work – 18 hours a year for each individual.

Why Wait?

With the Grohe Red tap there is no need to wait, with a simple twist of the handle you have all the water you need at the right temperature. What’s more, you will use exactly what’s wanted. When you consider that our kettles use around 6% of all the electricity supplied to British homes, and 67% of people overfill their kettle every time they use it, there are substantial energy savings to be made by using the boiling water tap.

Money Saver

The average kettle costs about 4p to boil so if used many times a day, the Grohe Red tap will save you money on energy bills. It’s also great for the environment, as the reduced energy consumption will save about 3,500 tonnes of CO2 being generated by power stations every day.

There are further green benefits – it’s very common that we tip out old water in the kettle before refilling each time and that’s a big waste of water. If you are on a meter, then the savings from not doing this can quickly add up.

And if you are heading away, you can simply switch the boiler to holiday mode, which means that the water is only heated to 60 degrees C – ensuring further energy savings.

Boiling a kettle costs 4p on average

Time Saver

Also compare how long it takes to boil water in a pan on the ceramic hob – around seven minutes. When you are pushed for time (most of the time!), it’s a real benefit to be able to have instant boiling water for pasta, vegetables and so on, so cooking on the hob takes far less time.

Kettle on average can only boil a maximum of 1.7 litres at a time but Grohe Red allows up to 3 litres of hot water to be drawn off in one flow – and with the pot-filler function operating, you can take your thumb off the button so both hands are free for holding a heavy pot.

Not Boiling

While we refer to the hot water taps as “boiling”, in fact the temperature is slightly under 100 degrees C – around 99 degrees but this will have no adverse effect on use. In fact, even the simple cup of coffee or tea benefits from being brewed with water that’s not boiling.

So how does the Grohe Red Duo hot water tap work?

It uses a pressurised system, storing water at a higher temperature and delivering it at a higher pressure. The slim titanium Grohe Red boiler is available in two sizes and fits neatly under the sink which frees up precious space on the work surface.

Boiling water is available with a simple handle twist with the tap working as a normal mixer at other times so there’s no need to worry about an extra tap on the sink top.

With the Grohe Red, the water goes through a unique five-stage filtration process that removes the all  impurities while keeping all the important minerals beneficial to health. And with limescale filtered out, the boiler performs optimally over its long working life. Easy-fit filters last for up to 12 months as well.


Don’t Get Burnt

With a boiling water function, safety is paramount, especially when there are children around, and the Grohe Red has a unique, failsafe child lock and safety function that prevents danger from scalding. What’s more the Grohe tap has a patented aerator that ensures a steady and smooth stream of water with no spluttering, and the cut-off function instantly stop the flow the moment you take your hand off the button.

The system is very safe, in fact, safer than having a kettle. It’s sad fact that kettles are a cause of accidents in the home, with small children under the age of 5 often the victims. In the UK, over 360 young children suffer severe scalding every year.

Installing the boiling water tap is not that more complex than fitting a standard model. In most cases, your plumber can do the work to connect the filters and boiler with no need for an electrician as the boiler has a standard 13-amp plug. And you get peace-of-mind with the Grohe five-year warranty.



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