The Client

Broomhill Library is one of 44 libraries in Suffolk run by Suffolk Libraries, an independent and charitable organisation which has just renewed its five-year contract with Suffolk County Council. The Suffolk model involves each library having its own voluntary ‘Friends’ or community group which supports and champions its local library.

The Brief

The idea to install energy-saving lighting in the iconic Broomhill Library in Ipswich came from the Friends of Broomhill Library who put Suffolk Libraries in touch with SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

Broomhill library is an active and well-used part of the local community.

Suffolk Libraries has saved 33% from the library budget since 2011 and whilst all libraries have remained open, there is always a need to find new ways to save money to meet the challenging financial climate facing all public services.

The Solution

SaveMoneyCutCarbon carried out a full survey of the Grade II listed library building, built as an air raid shelter and gas decontamination unit in 1942 before conversion in 1948, to assess the potential for savings and the condition of the lighting.

Its comprehensive report highlighted that the library’s old fluorescent fittings (pictured above) could be replaced effectively with low energy LED models, reducing electricity consumption by 66%.

The new LED tubes and LED 2D bulkheads also have an exceptionally long operating life and preserve the quality of light, unlike fluorescent models that degrade badly over time.

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon installation team carried out the LED lighting refit in a single day at the library in Sherrington Road, working with Suffolk Libraries to minimise disruption to customers.

Annual savings of 66% from our energy saving solutions
Reduction of 2/3 CO2 emissions

This project will help to cut energy costs at the library but will also improve the quality of light and reduce the maintenance costs associated with the previous ageing light fittings.

As an additional benefit, the library’s lighting carbon footprint has also been reduced by two thirds, meaning it is responsible for far fewer CO2 emissions.

The team fitted a range of LED tubes, low-glare (UGR) panels, bulkheads and emergency lights on schedule and within budget, minimising disruption to library operations.

“This project has several benefits to the library and our customers. Our lighting is on all the time as the converted building has very high windows. The new LED lighting cuts costs and also means there are no dark and dingy areas in the library. Customers have already remarked how much better the quality of the light is and we’re very happy with the refit."

“We also expect to save on maintenance with the long-life LEDs that can last up to 50,000 hours. The old tubes frequently failed, which meant an expensive call-out charge to an electrician. “We will certainly be letting other libraries across the county know about this project as they may also benefit by upgrading their old lighting.”

David Cook, Broomhill Library manager

“We’re very aware of the ever-increasing pressures on public sector service budgets through our extensive work, particularly with schools."

“This is our first project with Suffolk Libraries and we hope the savings delivered on their lighting bills at this library will help to make a difference.”

Simon Blaaser, technical sales executive at SaveMoneyCutCarbon


  • Lighting energy costs reduced by 66%
  • Carbon footprint cut by two-thirds
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved light quality

Annual Savings

  • 2/3rds


  • 66%


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