Working from home – how Lutrons RA2 can make your home office smarter

The Lutron RA2 system offers several features that can make a new house electrical installation easier and more convenient. Here’s why:

  • Wireless Technology: The RA2 system utilises wireless communication between devices, eliminating the need for extensive wiring throughout the house. This wireless technology simplifies the installation process, reduces the amount of wiring work required, and allows for greater flexibility in device placement.
  • Scalability: The RA2 system is highly scalable, meaning it can easily accommodate changes or expansions to the lighting control system in the future. This flexibility is beneficial for new house installations, as it allows homeowners to start with a basic setup and add or modify devices as needed, without the hassle of rewiring.
  • Centralised Control: The RA2 system provides centralised control for all lighting and shading devices. This centralised control allows homeowners to manage and adjust the lighting levels, scenes, and schedules of multiple areas within the house from a single interface. It simplifies operation and eliminates the need for multiple switches or dimmers throughout the house.
  • Integration with Other Systems: The RA2 system seamlessly integrates with other smart home technologies and systems, such as HVAC, security, and audiovisual systems. This integration streamlines the installation process by consolidating control and management into a single system.
  • Easy Programming and Configuration: The RA2 system features user-friendly programming and configuration tools, making it easier for installers to set up and customize the system according to the homeowner’s preferences. The intuitive software and straightforward interface simplify the installation and reduce the learning curve for installers.

With the RA2 Select system, homeowners will enjoy personalised smart lighting and blind control on any budget. It offers added convenience, more comfort and enhanced peace of mind. It means people can stay in control of their home, even when they’re not there.

RA2 Select works with more smart products than any other smart lighting brand, which means homeowners can smarten up their living spaces one room at a time and easily manage all devices as they expand.

Overall, the Lutron RA2 system’s wireless technology, scalability, centralised control, integration capabilities, and user-friendly configuration make it a convenient choice for new house electrical installations, providing homeowners with greater flexibility, control, and ease of use.

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