Lutron RA2 Select – perfect and personal lighting for the smart home

Lutron RA2 Select is designed with one thing in mind – giving people the smart lighting they want in any home and any budget, perfect and personal.

For electricians, property developers, builders, lighting designers and so on, RA2 Select is the ideal solution for customers and clients who want personalised lighting controls with convenience, more comfort. enhanced peace of mind, staying in control of their home, even when they’re not there.

Lutron have a proven track record, with a long heritage of providing intelligent lighting controls for homes and businesses. They put the customer at the heart of their business – something we value highly at SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

As a Certified Installer and UK Distributor of products for businesses, we are proud to have a long-standing, trusted partnership with Lutron, who are leaders in the lighting control industry.

Smart lighting technology

Now, this is extending into the domestic space with the RA2 Select system, which removes the complexity of lighting controls. It’s an easy-to-use product so homeowners can take full advantage of smart lighting technology.

Why make life complicated? RA2 Select is simple with App-based setup, control, and monitoring. Users won’t need training or laptop/PC. It’s also reliable, with peace-of-mind that, like all Lutron products, it is 100% end-of-line tested before it is shipped.

It’s also very affordable and the unique design means that it’s easy to install, with no need to cutting holes or run wiring. Automatic programming also means completing an entire job in one visit.

The Pro Installer Mode in the Lutron App means you can bypass the homeowner registration process and quickly configure the system. The domestic customer can register and access their systems through an invitation from the installer. They can also access the installer’s contact information from the app if they need professional support.


Simple retrofit solution

RA2 Select is a simple retrofit solution as the in-line dimmer / in-line switch fits in the ceiling void for fast, convenient installation while the Pico wireless controls require no wires and batteries will last 10 years.

The RA2 Select main repeater gives people control of their lights (and blinds) through their smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world using the free Lutron App.

Installers connect the main RA2 Select repeater to the home network to enable setup, control, and monitoring via the Lutron App. The main repeater supports up to 100 devices.

With RA2 Select, customers have the power to transform any room. They can easily set multiple lights (and blinds) to the level they desire, creating scenes for any activity. Scene keypads automatically configure to provide the best lighting in each scene, whether that’s the kitchen, lounge, bedroom … anywhere in the home.

The versatile Pico controller is available as a keypad, for scene control, or as a remote, for individual light and blind control. The wireless Pico can be mounted on a tabletop pedestal – these are available in single, double, and triple configurations – or people can choose to  place it on a wall, with no need to cut a hole or chase in any wiring. For the finishing touch designer faceplates are available.


Unique app features

Three unique app features will make a homeowner’s lighting life simple:

  • Scheduling — this enables you to  program lights (and blinds) to automatically adjust at set times of day.
  • Geofencing — controls lights based on your location. This feature can turn lights on for you when you arrive home and notify you if you have left lights on when you leave.
  • Smart Away — this feature randomly turns lights on and off in the evening and that makes it looks like people are at home, even when they are out.

And Lutron’s patented Clear Connect RF technology sets the bar for reliability, a wireless system that homeowners can fully trust. Millions of devices that use Clear Connect have been installed through thousands of projects around the globe. It delivers precision and accuracy, free from interference with other frequency bands, at all times.

The Pico controls put power in the hands of the RA2 Select customer, with flexibility of choice. They can choose a Pico wireless control, with all assigned lights going to the same level for each button and/or a Pico scene keypad, to set lights, blinds, and audio to unique levels for each button.


System expansion

RA2 Select is flexible and installation is simple, whether it’s a single room set up or the whole house, Homeowners can start small, whether as part of a refurbishment, extension, and then expand across the home as time, budget and desire allow.

And because RA2 Select works with smart home solutions from other best-in-class brands, it adds even more convenience to customers’ lives. People can use their Amazon Alexa to create just the right light using Alexa voice control. They can ask Alexa to turn lights on, off, or dim them to a favourite level.

People can also use their Apple Siri to control lights and blinds, while Google Assistant works with the system to perfectly adjust the lighting  with voice control. Additional features include Honeywell Home compatibility so users can choose from a variety of thermostat options to control the temperature in the home, from anywhere.

RA2 Select also works with Ring, so people can set lights to turn on when the Ring doorbell or camera detects motion outside.

And Sonos Home Sound Systems can be controlled via a Pico remote control for audio, from scenes in the Lutron App, or from a Pico scene keypad. People can also control the lighting using voice via Sonos One with Amazon Alexa.


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