The Client

Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School is a high performing secondary in Reading.

The co-educational school of 860 pupils, which includes a thriving Sixth Form of over 130 students is maintained by the Diocese of Portsmouth, who graded it “Good with outstanding features” in 2013.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is working with the Diocese to improve energy efficiency throughout its network of schools.

The Brief

SaveMoneyCutCarbon was introduced to the school’s management through our liaisons with the Diocese. The brief was threefold: improve energy efficiency, improve light quality, and improve sustainability.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s unique proposition, our end-to-end solution, ensured the project went above and beyond the necessary requirements.

One element that needed improvement was the aged and inefficient lighting, with some older units dating back to 1958 when the school was built.

The quality of light was not uniform or effective and maintenance of the ageing technology was also high.

The school was introduced to SaveMoneyCutCarbon through the Diocese, which had met the energy efficiency specialists at an educational event and readily agreed to become the first Diocese of Portsmouth school to undergo an LED lighting upgrade.

The Solution

SaveMoneyCutCarbon was uniquely able to provide a dedicated team of experts to see the project through to completion in all circumstances.

Initially, our team worked extensively on a full introductory survey. From the survey information our dedicated field services team compiled extensive investment-ready proposals to secure Salix public sector funding.

Savings in excess of 57% due to reduced lighting bills
Reduction of 57% in CO2 emissions per year

Our installation was mapped out to meet the exacting requirements of Salix, detailing: ROI data; product data sheets; product warranties; installation risk assessments; product risk assessments; case studies; relevant articles; and a mass of additional data to assure compliance with Salix’s special criteria.

Our nationwide installation team then delivered and installed over 3½ tonnes of product; all within the Easter holidays to minimise student disruption.

Amongst the products installed were EcoLED 600x600mm panels which provide a flicker-free, and even, source of light specially chosen to ensure a healthy working environment.

The 600×600 panels were a mixture of surface mounted, suspended and recessed units and required a bespoke fitting to be made specifically for this project.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon rose to challenges other organisations would have found insurmountable. We designed the bespoke fittings to mount LED panels into pre-fabricated, moulded concrete ceilings.

Our solution, as demonstrated in the images on the page, was to custom build panel mounting kits which suspended LED panels from the non-standard recesses in the ceiling.

Conventional panel mounting kits would have failed, so conventional companies would have also failed.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s ability to problem-solve on site, sector expertise, and willingness to go the extra mile delivered a bespoke solution to ensure the job was finished complete, and on time.


  • The LED retrofit will reduce lighting bills by more than 57%
  • Carbon footprint will be cut by similar amount (57%)
  • Full Salix financing at zero interest means the project should be self-financing over seven years.
  • Funds freed up for investment in educational activities

Annual Savings

  • 12,000

    £ saved

  • 73.5


  • 7.1

    months payback

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