SaveMoneyCutCarbon are specialists in reducing energy and water costs with expert advice and experience to help cut costs and carbon in commercial car parks. As utility bills keep rising, it’s a struggle to keep control of costs where demands for energy and water are constant while meeting regulations and customer expectations.

Beyond simply saving on costs, it’s crucial to have complete confidence and our range of top quality electricity and water-saving products from trusted brands gives you peace of mind.

Services for Car Parks

End-to-End Services

Our end-to-end services give you control and choice, from survey and plan to the production of investment-ready proposals, finance options, project management and UK wide installation.

Trusted Brands

Whilst cost saving is important, the quality of brands is paramount. It's crucial that we give you complete confidence and peace of mind with our range of top quality energy and water-saving products.

Control and Choice

If you simply need products, it’s easy to purchase through our online shop. We offer a complete range of solutions from supply-only through to full end-to-end service.

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In addition to our own installation capabilities we also offer our full range of products on a supply only basis. You can view our wide range of energy and water saving products in our online shop.

If you need any help or guidance do not hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to answer any questions and offer expert recommendations.

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World-leading Trusted Brands

We only work with brands that we know and trust to bring you the very best products guaranteed to help you reduce your energy and water use.

This ranges from internationally established brands to niche start-ups all offering exceptional customer service and long warranties for added peace of mind.

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How Does it Benefit You?


  • Lower energy and water costs will make your car parks more profitable
  • A reduced carbon footprint will improve your CSR
  • We provide you with investment-ready proposals that highlight the savings available and ROIs, following an energy audit
  • Hiqh quality cost effective lighting will improve safety and customer satisfaction

Maintenance Team

  • Due to the long-life span of LED lighting, maintenance of failed luminaires will be reduced
  • High quality sanitary ware such as toilets, urinals and taps offer a longer lifespan and lower failure rate benefitting improved customer service and less maintenance

Find out more about how we can help you reduce your energy & water bills...

Reduce your Energy Bills with our LED Lighting for Car Parks

Reduce your Water Bills with our Water Saving Products for Car Parks

To find out how your car park could reduce its energy and water use please fill in your details below and one of our experts will be in touch.

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“This was a particularly challenging project as the showers and taps hadn’t been upgraded since the building was opened years ago. We also found and fixed a number of inherent leaks that should improve savings even further."

“The bathrooms look much nicer for guests and the cost of the new showers and taps is covered fully by the energy and water savings they deliver. Further cost savings come from reduced maintenance and replacement needs, with the 5-year Hansgrohe guarantee of quality manufacture.My four-man team completed the project on time in the four days allocated with little or no disturbance to the running of the motel.”

Rowan Chappell, SaveMoneyCutCarbon Field Service Lead Technician

“We worked closely with the hotel management to ensure that the LED retrofit went according to plan without affecting the guests."

"As with any big project, there were challenges but our experience in this area ensured that problems were resolved and the work was completed on time to the highest standards.”

Chris Cliffe, SaveMoneyCutCarbon Field Service lead technician

“Our whole business focus is on reducing complexity, making things as easy and effective as possible. This extends beyond our energy and water-saving work into corporate responsibility and training.”

"The FCC Environment video is an excellent example of how we blend creativity with highest standards of professional production to help organisations achieve their goals."

Mark Sait, CEO SaveMoneyCutCarbon

“This was a large scale project and we used our extensive experience of managing LED retrofits nationally to ensure that there were no logistical problems."

"We also needed to work flexibly to ensure that the smooth running of the hotel was not disrupted while making sure we were invisible to the guests.”

Unai Fuertes, SaveMoneyCutCarbon Field Service Lead Technician

“We had been planning the full refit of our lights for a couple of months and having chosen SaveMoneyCutCarbon the fitting team were with us for a couple of weeks before Christmas.They were able to come in after the school activities had finished in the afternoon. The Team were very amenable to working around any occupational restrictions we had with clubs and so on."

“They were a cheerful bunch and left the school tidy everyday with the furniture returned to its usual positions.There were a few changes to the fittings etc. that were noted during the fitting from the original survey and these were put in place without any problems."

Martin Blake, Business Manager at Nicholas Hawksmoor


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