The Client

Loomis is a global leader in cash management with a presence in more than 20 countries. It is the UK’s premier cash management specialist, providing intelligent safes, cash in transit, cash collection, and cash processing solutions for retailers, banks and the public sector.

The Brief

Loomis required a lighting upgrade at its busy Dunstable facility while at the same time reducing energy costs and corporate environmental impact.

The quality of light at the company’s cassette warehouse in Dunstable was a challenge for staff, who were finding that it had a significant impact on their daily work. It was often difficult to clearly read information on the ATM cassettes they worked with.

Loomis commissioned SaveMoneyCutCarbon to assess the lighting and to propose sustainable options that delivered much improved lighting and reduced energy consumption as well as shrinking the facility’s carbon footprint.

As a company, Loomis is committed to policies that reduce energy and fuel consumption, while also improving waste management.

The Solution

SaveMoneyCutCarbon first carried out a comprehensive survey of the cassette warehouse to assess lighting levels and wiring before presenting management with options for LED upgrade.

To give the Loomis management team a clear idea of the proposed lighting, SaveMoneyCutCarbon presented 3D imagery to show the aesthetics of how it would look.

Annual savings of £4,122 through LED upgrades
Rapid payback in 2 yrs

The team then created a detailed lighting design to ensure that the correct lux levels would be achieved. The levels for warehouse storage areas recommended by CIBSE is 100 lux, with 300 lux in the packing and despatch area – and these were fully met by the LED solution.

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon field services team fitted Philips Coreline Highbay 85W in the main warehouse area and Philips Coreline 4ft Battens 22W above each work bench. The Coreline Highbay is designed to replace HPI 250/400 W models while the Coreline batten easily replaces standard fluorescents.

LED technology was specified as it provides clear advantages over other options, with exceptional working life of 50,000 hours that ensures maintenance-free operation for many years as well as big savings on energy use.

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon team have done an excellent job in the warehouse. Their professionalism, work ethic and attitude towards completing a project was fantastic.

Mike Ketteringham, Branch Manager at Loomis

We have had very positive feedback on the improved lighting and we were also particularly pleased that Loomis gave us top marks for our professional attitude and attention to detail. We continue to work with Loomis Dunstable and this is the first of several projects that are scheduled.

Vicky Moors, Major Accounts Manager at SaveMoneyCutCarbon


  • Annual savings of £4,122.
  • Rapid payback – will repay investment in 2.03 years.
  • Carbon emissions reduction of 71.7%

Annual Savings

  • 4,122

    £ saved

  • 71%


  • 2.03

    months payback

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