Capital-free funding for solar panels

More businesses are investing in solar panels in the quest to contain the impact of rising energy costs on their operations.

For some, though, the initial capital cost is a big obstacle that prevents a business from gaining the competitive benefits of solar PV through reduced dependence on grid electricity while lowering carbon emissions.

The commercial advantages gained through taking the big step towards solar power will be over the long term as the solar PV arrays are built to last for 20-25 years with very minimal maintenance.

At the same time, businesses can appeal to a growing customer base that seeks environmentally responsible vendors with sustainable energy strategies.

Sharing savings

If funding solar projects is a blocker, then capital-free options are available. SaveMoneyCutCarbon provide straightforward funding alternatives whereby your business is spared upfront purchase and installation costs.

These costs are covered over time by you sharing the savings made on electricity bills. What’s more, you can lower your current operating expenses and provide peace of mind against rising energy costs.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s capital-free funding solutions means that you can work within your budget and the comprehensive service includes full survey and measurement of current energy usage, with full ongoing monitoring to manage the savings benefits.

Solar PV is the most popular type of renewable technology, with excellent efficiency now, and is cheaper than ever to install. The panels will still produce energy even during the winter and on cloudy days, while they are highly effective during the summer.

Emissions benefits

With the intense focus and concerns around climate change, the adoption of solar PV bring benefits that go far beyond cash savings. As the panels don’t create carbon emissions when producing electricity, your company’s environmental impact is much reduced.

Solar energy production also helps to reduce demand for burning finite fossil fuels, with their costs rising and serious effect through CO2 emissions. The sun is a permanent energy source – in fact, it produces enough energy in just one hour to power the entire planet for a year.

Harnessing the sun, not only cuts operating costs – it is also a very effective PR and marketing tool. Strong commitment to environmental responsibility is a big plus for any company, with rapidly growing support among consumers for companies seen to be taking action to help the climate.

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