What are the different hansgrohe shower spray patterns?

Everyone has an individual preference when they shower and hansgrohe shower spray patterns aim to match every need.

The team at hansgrohe are constantly looking for ways to improve the shower experience. Their research has pointed up that people fall into three categories when they shower:

  • The pleasure seeker, who loves being totally pampered
  • The efficiency fan – they want wants to be woken up quickly
  • The focused mind, who needs targeted relaxation.

Hansgrohe’s in-house spray lab develops and optimises spray types for a unique range of shower experiences with these categories in mind.

They offer more than twelve spray types to cover all needs, from multi-spray overhead showers that transform the bathroom into a spa, offering a water massage to be enjoyed whenever, to the revitalising spray that wakes you up.

You might want another softer experience to help you unwind after a long day, a reward after a gruelling post-gym or just a relaxing soak before bed.

For hansgrohe, wellness is at the heart of the shower experience, helping to improve the sense of wellbeing and comfort.

With Select technology, there is an intuitive operating concept with one button to change the jet type, activate a different shower or turn the water on and off.

So, what are the different hansgrohe shower spray patterns, and what do they provide?


PowderRain introduces a completely innovative way to enjoy your shower-time and is inspired by the warm, misty droplets of the rainforest. Six fine openings in every jet outlet transform the flow into a cocoon of spray that is all-enveloping and extremely quiet.

The thousands of micro-droplets have been carefully optimised to create the ultimate relaxing shower – a spa-like luxury to be enjoyed every single day.

These droplets fall softly, creating a quiet and meditative space and the hansgrohe sound laboratory experts have harnessed the latest technology to reduce shower noise without affecting performance.

A recent study found nine out of ten consumers agreed that hansgrohe PowderRain is “the best shower of all time”.

Rain and Rain XL

The Rain selection are powerful jets that delivers a spray type that is perfect for a stimulating start to the day, and to revitalise yourself.

A great choice for those that are looking for a refreshing start to their day ahead.

RainAir and RainAir XL

RainAir is another innovation from the dedicated hansgrohe team. It’s a relaxing shower rain that is enriched with air inside the shower head. This makes the water feel exceptionally soft and plump, covering your body with soft beads of water and enveloping you to create a sense of well-being. It’s a spray most loved by pleasure seekers.

RainAir and RainAir XL deliver air-enriched drops from a large wide jet and provide an energising burst of freshness for the entire body, ideal for rinsing out shampoo.

IntenseRain, TurboRain, SoftRain

With IntenseRain, you can give your body an invigorating wake-up, whatever time of day you need it.

This is certainly a great choice if your muscles need revitalising.

Similar to IntenseRain, TurboRain is designed to refresh in double-quick time.

In contrast, SoftRain gently caresses your body, when you need some expert TLC.


WhirlAir is a swirling massage spray that washes away the stresses of the day, relieving tension, mainly in the neck area and shoulders.

The rotating helix jet wanders over the skin, just like a masseur’s fingers.

The ideal choice for relieving stress or giving yourself a spa-like treatment after playing sport.

CaresseAir, Massage

CaresseAir has five strong single sprays that combine to give you a strong, relaxing massage experience. And with Massage, you get a concentrated spray that boosts your feeling of overall well-being.

Mix, Mono

The Mix spray has softest drops that caress your body gently while a warm and targeted flow in the centre of the spray massages your skin. In contrast, Mono has been designed to deliver a focused relaxing spray to help you unwind.

Rainflow, RainStream

Rainflow is a cascade of pleasure and relaxation, modelled on the exhilarating experience you get in a waterfall while RainStream is just pure energy, a reviving experience under intense and focused sparkling jets.

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