Conti+ signs up with SaveMoneyCutCarbon platform to help clients revolutionise sustainability and savings in washrooms

Conti+ have been designing and manufacturing high-quality washroom products for more than 40 years and the company’s solutions are installed in public and commercial environments such as hospitals, hotels, and offices in over 20 countries.

The Conti+ sensor tap range has been chosen by leading brands like Moto Service stations, Chester Zoo, The Science Museum, and Imperial College London.

The Conti+ range is ideal for all commercial washroom environments looking to reduce energy and water bills, as well as meeting sustainability targets. The range offers low flow rates, is touch-free and electronically controlled, meaning water only flows when it’s needed, dramatically reducing heated water use and in turn carbon footprint.

The hands-free sensor taps offer a range of attractive and stylish designs, making them suitable for installation in any environment, from factories and surgeries to hotels and executive washrooms.

Conti+ touch-free taps offer water savings of up to 70% compared to traditional taps. The use of high-quality materials and components means you’ll get years of trouble-free operation. And the range can be centrally controlled by the Conti+ Service App which makes maintenance smart and simple.

The taps come with vandal-resistant aerators, perfect for busy and high footfall public environments, saving you money with fewer repairs and a full range of spares are also available, which means you spend less by not having to replace whole taps.

Conti+ Ultra

The Conti+ Ultra range is only available in the UK to purchase online from SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

The range flows at only 1.9 litres per minute and is touch-free and electronically controlled so that water only flows when it’s needed, reducing water usage. The Conti+ Ultra range can be centrally controlled by the Conti+ Service App, which makes maintenance smart and simple.


Conti+ Ruby

The Conti+ Ruby range of sensor taps is also designed for high-usage commercial washroom environments and is also only available in the UK to purchase online from SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

The range flows at only 5 litres per minute at 3 bar, and 3 litres per minute at 1 bar, it is also touch-free and electronically controlled, so water only flows when it’s needed. And a flow rate of 3 litres per minute supports achievement of the WAT01 BREEAM certification and will contribute towards an “excellent” building rating.

The Conti+ range is WRAS approved, and has the EU’s WELL Water Efficiency Label, as well as validation by the U.S. Green Building Council and the Australian government’s Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme.

The battery life of the taps can be extended for up to eight years using solar power generated from natural and artificial light or by generating electricity from the integrated water-driven turbine.

Conti+ hands-free taps offer automatic sensor adjustment, security shut-off after 90 seconds, low battery indication and safety shutdown in the case of power failure.

Conti+ designs are developed using an intelligent modular design, offering you the flexibility of an individual, tailor-made tap for any environment or application.

Easy maintenance

Conti+ products are a breeze when it comes to maintenance. Products can be controlled centrally through the Conti+ Service App, which allows pre-programming of sanitary rinses, checking and setting of water running times, optimising of sensor ranges, and checking battery levels.

Should you need to get into the Conti+ Ultra sensor tap range a single Allen key is all that is required. The range also comes with vandal-resistant aerators

Conti+ Service App

The Conti+ Service App makes multi-product maintenance simple. The App connects to all Conti+ electronic products, allowing everything to be managed centrally. It allows you to program settings on each tap and also provides data and insights into customer usage and product performance.


App features:

  • Water run and run-on time
  • Filling mode and cleaning stop adjustment
  • Sanitary rinse mode and runtime
  • Restart delay
  • Sensor range levels
  • Installation location information
  • Trigger demand dependent sanitary rinse at intervals
  • Max water running time, with safety switch off
  • Water consumption information
  • Battery status information
  • Hours of operation
  • Number of times used
  • Water consumption data
  • Max water temperature (only in special cases)


Conti+ taps are completely hands-free, protecting users against bacteria transfer. Germ build-up within the unit is prevented through the use of bacteriostatic materials and hygienic rinsing.

The Conti+ range has the added benefit of helping to guard against Legionella. Conti+ sensor taps mitigate the build-up of biofilm and high levels of CFU (Colony Forming Units) in the water system. The taps feature an automatic rinse to ensure there’s no risk of Legionella or other water-based bacteria, helping to keep your staff and visitors healthy.



Commissioning is easy and saves money on potential plumber costs. When a Conti+ tap is installed and the water is connected, you remove the sticker covering the sensor. This action will allow the tap to “wake up” and the sensor light will start to flash. Then a small, short burst of water will pull through the spout into the basin, and stop.

Next, the tap sensor light will flash and at the end the green will light up for about 2 seconds. On the Ultra, the light is on the side of the tap and on other models the lights, both red and green, are built into the sensor screen.

During this sequence, the tap is deciding the best sensor setting for optimum performance by measuring the basin, and not allowing the tap to function inadvertently by walk-by  traffic. This setting can be adjusted locally using the Ble tool connectivity.

Then all you need to do is to run a quick on-off check to ensure the tap works correctly. Simple!

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