Hansgrohe Select technology makes life more convenient & sustainable at the touch of a button

Over 4% of the UK’s energy consumption and the associated carbon footprint is a result of the water industry processing and pumping the water we often take for granted when taking our daily showers.

It has been calculated that there is a tonne of embedded carbon in every cube of water (a cube being a 1,000 litres of water, so there are 2,500 cubes of water in an Olympic swimming pool). This is further compounded by the fact that most of us like a hot shower so we all have the cost and resulting carbon footprint of heating the water we use every day in our homes and businesses.

Surely, if I save water, I will have to compromise on my shower quality?

Many think that going green, trying to reduce your carbon footprint, saving energy and water has to involve a compromise. Here at SaveMoneyCutCarbon we have made it our mission to demonstrate that this simply is not the case.

If you seek the best advice and pick the right product then you can have sustainability without compromise. One of our favourite manufacturers is the German showering company Hansgrohe. The simple brilliance of Hansgrohe Select technology makes everyday life more convenient and a touch easier. It helps you reduce your water consumption, without any impact on your daily shower quality.

Why we love Select Technology

Select technology means water control at the touch of a button, you can benefit from intuitive convenience. So, for example, there’s no need to use two hands to change the settings on a shower. It’s so much easier than the “twisty” versions of shower heads, where you grapple to change the spray pattern with both hands.

Hansgrohe Select makes everyday routines simple, and the bathroom and kitchen easier to use by any member of the family. The push button technology has been integrated into a variety of Hansgrohe products.

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With the patented Select button, users can turn on the shower, change the spray type or even turn the kitchen tap on and off. Any Hansgrohe Select product offers something that is unbeatably intuitive, reliable and durable.

Touch of a button

On thermostatic shower valves, users use the Select button to start and stop their chosen shower. On basin taps, Select turns the water on and off at the touch of a button.

In this case, Select push buttons can even be pressed using the back of the hand or elbow, making them easier for everyone, including anyone of limited mobility.

In the shower, people can choose a spray type with Select or control the water with just one click for a better, more enjoyable experience, and convenience is the guiding philosophy behind Select.

The Select button is a beautiful piece of timelessly modern design and really stands out in the shower area and available across handheld and rain head showers units.

Pleasurable shower & Ecosmart technology

Feel good in the shower and know you are doing your bit to help the planet. Raindance Select shower products are ideal for those who appreciate a pleasurable shower experience characterised by comfort and convenience.

An extra benefit of the Raindance Select is that it’s an EcoSmart shower head, making it very water-efficient, reducing the water you use,  the energy used to heat the water, doing your bit for carbon reduction and the planet, every time you step into the shower This means that you can enjoy your pleasurable shower for longer, without using up too much water.

So how can buying a Hansgrohe product reduce landfill?

Select push button technology is rigorously tested and has passed a load test with 90,000 activations. Combine this level of rigorous testing and the inherent quality of German manufacturer, and you have a product that is going to last, saving on energy and water plus it is built to last, looking great for longer.

Hansgrohe production globally is focused on sustainable low carbon policies, with strict annual targets for energy, water and waste. And they hold spare parts (all available through SaveMoneyCutCarbon sustainable spares programme) so if in the rare event of a part in your Hansgrohe quality product fails, it can be easily replaced, rather than ending up in landfill and you having to buy a replacement.

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