SaveMoneyCutCarbon can help your gallery in 4 ways....


  • Full access to your personalised energy savings proposal, designed to help you achieve your energy savings targets
  • Expertly chosen products designed to deliver sustainability without compromise – preserving artefacts for years to come
  • An Expert and Efficient installation team who will work around you to ensure limited disruption

Commercial Manager

  • Full access to your personalised investment ready proposal with ROI’s and payback periods fully detailed
  • Unlock energy and water savings potential across all areas of the building, so funds can be redirected into events and exhibitions
  • Achieve CSR targets without compromising the look and feel of your Museum

Maintenance Manager

  • Quality products from proven manufacturers which have longer lifespans and reduce replacement times
  • A full range of available sustainable spares
  • A single and consistent point of contact should anything go wrong
  • Next day delivery on most common items

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Stern Pissarro Gallery

Arc track lights provide true-to-life colours and modern design with energy savings -

View project



Rivington Place Gallery

London gallery finds ideal light upgrade with quality LED - Verbatim lamps provide vibrant solution to replace ageing halogen

View project



Lucy Pittaway Gallery

Yorkshire art gallery finds perfect lighting solution - Soraa LEDs from SaveMoneyCutCarbon provide deep, rich colours and natural light for multiple award-winning artist Lucy Pittaway

View project



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