How museums can balance lighting for mood with energy savings

How museums can find an ideal balance between the right lighting for atmosphere and energy savings is the theme at a top conference in London today.


We’re attending the Museums Association event together with lighting partner Soraa to help delegates from the sector learn more about how to achieve that perfect balance.

The conference – Shine On: New Perspectives on Museum Lighting – features leading lighting designers, engineers, innovators and conservation specialists who will share knowledge and experience.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon has worked with Soraa to provide specialist tested products that ensure museums and galleries can meet the challenge of providing excellent lighting quality to match the mood of an environment while using a minimum amount of energy – and help to conserve objects being lit.

LED innovation

Soraa are one of a very few truly innovative lighting companies in the world. It was founded by Professor Shuji Nakamura 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics laureate for the invention of the blue light emitting diode (LED), a world-changing innovation.

We will be showing delegates at the Royal College of Surgeons venue in Lincoln’s Inn Fields how Soraa LED lighting is superior to other options and is the ideal choice to deliver the triple win of natural lighting, energy saving and conservation.

Soraa is increasingly the lighting solution of choice for museums and galleries across the world. Soraa’s lamps utilise Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP3) technology which use all the colours of the rainbow, particularly deep red emission.

In technical terms, Soraa lighting achieves an exceptionally high colour-rendering index (CRI) of 95 and deep red (R9) rendering of 95, rendering warm tones with precision and beauty.

Natural light

What’s more, Soraa lamps have violet emissions that accurately excite fluorescing brightening agents, for example textiles and paper, human eyes and teeth, which puts the company’s products way ahead of standard blue-based white LEDs.

The full colour render means the effect is of natural light and is comparable to halogen. The Soraa solutions ensure that there are no issues such as overly clinical light that are too often an integral problem with standard LED technology.

Museums and galleries also benefit from the unique Soraa SNAP system, which allows lighting designers to shape beam angles and shift colour as needed through a range of filters.

An often overlooked benefit of quality LED lighting is the amount saved over the years in maintenance costs. Well manufactured and robustly tested LEDs can last for well over a decade, unlike traditional halogen and other options.

The conference is also looking at other ways to save energy and conserve exhibits through the use of smart controls, particularly motion sensors and investigating the potential for creating new ways of visitor interaction through light sources and the Internet of Things.

We will also be offering advice on sources of funding, including interest-free options for public bodies that are self-financing through savings made on energy bills.

We provide museums and galleries with a full range of solutions, from surveys and product specification through to project management and installation. Find out more: and call us on 0845 123 5464.



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